Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 12 - Diggin the fruit

I think my favourite part of the new WW plan is fruit is free. I don't eat gobs of fruit but now knowing it counts as zero I'm far more open to it. For example today I had a small banana, a kiwi and a graperfruit.

Fruit availability at site is often hit or mess, there have been times where the only option was apples (3 different types mind you) and oranges. You can tell the food provider is being a bit creative. The most recent addition a baked potato bar (I have not tried this yet). Tonight for dinner I had vegetable moussaka.  I had never tried moussaka before and maybe not the wisest choice this evening as the chicken stir fry might have been better.

However I hit the treadmill for 65min tonight and normally I just manually change the speed and incline on a whim. Today I tried the hills option. I enjoyed that as it made it seem to go a bit faster. Next time I think I'll try random and truly keep myself guessing.

Fly home tomorrow so not sure what my night will look like. I'm not sure if I'll be stopping off for dinner after I get off the plane. If I do it won't be a repeat of last week.

Once again my attempt to do yoga in my camp room was slight thwarted. The portable dvd player's cord doesn't mesh with the tv. They both have the same connector. Most likely an easy fix but not till I get back to Calgary.

A bonus is coming toward the end of February and I'm half debating on getting a 2nd smaller laptop we'll see as Vegas will just be a few weeks later.

Alright time fo bed, hope your Wednesday was super fabulous.


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