Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 19 - I stole someone's lunch

Well not on purpose at any rate. At site we pack our lunch in the to go kitchen. There's a selection of lunch items like sandwiches, soup, veggies and fruit. Everyone grabs a brown paper bag and pack what they want.

At some point I grabbed someone else's bag. You have to put your bag down quite often to grab items. So someone else got my turkey on whole wheat, kiwi and apple. I got two egg salad sandwiches and then what I added thinking it was my bag - which was carrots, celery and a banana. I ate one of the sandwiches and still had a kiwi and apple that I brought from home.

So far this week I'm not doing so great with WW. Two days in a row of late meetings have messed me up.

However my buddy K and I have already agreed on not stopping for supper tomorrow so we get home earlier and can workout.

Hope you all have been doing well...hugs!!

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Chubby McGee said...

Haha! That happened to me once when I was pregnant. I went APE in the cafeteria and started yelling at everyone. LOL!

Hang in there, kiddo. Keep your eyes on the prize!!!