Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 22- I got what I expected

It was drive by weigh in today as I went to the 2nd meeting today as opposed to the one I usually go to. My alarm went off and then I thought just 5 more minutes which turned into an hour and a half. I prefer the first meeting because there's more interaction so I didn't stay for the meeting.

I was up 1.4 which I was expecting due to my behaviour over the week and Friday was not going to rescue the whole week.

My walk yesterday was: 59min17, 6.9km, 363 cal burned, HR 168-148, pace 8.37/km - 7.44/km

I hooked up with my work mates yesterday afternoon for a bit of a good bye my uber boss as he's moving to a new role. I stuck to one drink and then switched to water. It was looking like the bulk of the group was going to continue the night on so I left when the guest of honour left and asked my friend K if she wanted to grab dinner. So we went Juan's for some traditional mexican food (nothing deep fried) maybe not the smartest idea before weigh in but it was filled with veggies and very good. I knew that today would be my restart day.

I'm not going to feel defeated over my gain, in fact it was a wake-up call. I haven't completely embraced the new program and sort of been flying by the seat of my pants.

So today marks a new week and the focus will be keeping it to basics like tracking, exercise and water. I never went through the books on the new program last weekend so that will be a priority this weekend so I can get more familiar with the new points. This week showed me I need to keep my eye on the ball and be diligent and focused. The only thing that can mess me up is me, it's my decision and no one else's.

Today's workout will be one hour of Iron Reps, I expect to be challenged in this class.

I hope you enjoy your Saterday...hugs


Leanne said...

I love your outlook. Time to buck up and embrace the program - you and me both :)

Homemaking Expert said...

I just found your blog and really enjoy it! I'm looking for "my tribe" for support during my weight loss journey. I'll be following your blog and wanted to share mine with you as well: