Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 23 - I can feel every muscle in my body

In fact I'd say my entire body is sore with the exception of neck and above and ankles down, everything in the middle I can feel every muscle.

That Iron Reps class kicked my patootie. It's like you workout on one body part per song. For example there's a back track, a tricep track and etc. So there are a lot of reps and at the start you feel fine but by the time you get to the end of a track you're taxed. We did everthing squats, lunges, deadlifts, skull crushers, bicep curls and many many more. My friend K and I are going to do it again on Thursday.

What I love about this class is that it finally gives me an all encompassing strength training option. When I have my game on I'm really good about the cardio but I'm clueless about strength training. So now it will Iron Reps on Thursdays and Saturdays, and cardio/yoga in between. We have some added motivation as she's going to Florida at the end of Feb and two week later I head to Vegas.

I did download a new app yesteday called Target Weight and I entered May 12th as the day I want to hit goal. It's the date of next physical and 109 days away. I'm a daily weigher so I like that I can track it on this.

Thursday is the day we fly home so it's a bit of a massively coordinated effort that needs to happen to attend the class. I'll be handing over a gym bag filled with what I need for Thursday to K tomorrow so when get home we can stop off at her house and then head to the gym. If the plane is late, we get the cab to wait as we grab our stuff and change at the gym. This also means that I'll need to pack lunch and dinner at site as you can't do this class with low blood sugar as it's go-go-go. The class starts at 7:30 ish, this means dinner will be eaten on the plane at 5pm.

I finally watched Heavy yesterday, I'm a bit behind. I hope they do a follow up episode at the end of the season to see where everyone is now. I really like how they pair people up so there's some extra support there. I also watched I Used To Be Fat on the pvr yesterday. I really liked how Mackenzie said she's realized she has to love herself first.

My activity today will going outside for a mega walk as the weather is so nice and yes in the middle of winter I can call +2 nice. The beautiful thing is the weather is getting better at site too so when I go back on Tuesday it will not be -20. The walk will be good for the muscles as well.

My other focus today is to clean the house.

My big challenge for this week will be tomorrow as I yet again have an all day meeting at the Hyatt. This time I'm going to eat breakfast at home and not take part in the breakfast served at the event. For lunch and dinner I need to keep the mantra of "I am in control" in my head.  There's always water at the tables.

I hope you have a great Sunday and I might be back later with the report on today's mega walk.


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