Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 20 and 21 - Good to be home

Yesterday I managed not to steal anyone's lunch and track my own brown paper bag throughout the process.

K and I stuck to the plan of not going out for dinner when we landed however that was mostly due to a late flight. At 4:30pm we were told that the plane would be delayed due to Calgary Airport flow control. Instead of departing at 5pm we'd be departing at 6pm. We played monopoly on my iphone as entertainment for everyone else waiting for the plane as they enjoyed our banter of how I had gobs of money and she was going broke.

We landed at a little past 7pm, we both napped on the plane as it seemed the whole plane was exhausted. We hopped into a cab and K got dropped off first, I got home a bit later as there was odd traffic due to flashing red lights and a lot of people having to remember how a 4 way stop works. I immediately went next door and collected my mail plus gave their dog a doggy masssage.

By the time I had dinner I was ready for bed.

So far this week I haven't hit one of my goals. It was a weird week maybe influenced by loads of late meetings, long days and perhaps the full moon. Tracking went south since Monday, water has been so-so, activity nada. This busy schedule is bound to happen again and I failed to plan this week which needs to change. I might need to think about getting up earlier and taking a later bus back to the office to get in a workout when I know it's going to be late or suck it up and work out later.

Weigh in is on Saturday but I still have today. I had thought about going to the gym but now I think I'm going to go outside for a mega walk. I left -21C yesterday to arrive in Calgary and +2C. Might as well enjoy it and take advantage of it because when I go back to site on Tuesday it definitely won't be +2. So shortly I'm going to head out and then hit the mat for some yoga.

Later this afternoon I have to head downtown for a "safety meeting" otherwise known as the Calgary based people zipping out a little early for an afterwork beverage. I need to go Running Room anyway plus pay my friend T for the Vegas hotel.

I might be back later, no promises. I will of course report in tomorrow about weigh in - the good or the bad. Tomorrow I'm going to try the Iron Reps class at the gym...I'm a little scared.

I hope you had a great Thursday and I hope your Friday is stellar.


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