Monday, January 03, 2011

Day 3 - Devil vs Angel on my shoulder

Interesting start to the day. I had a tough time sleeping last night and there was much tossing and turning. I wound up getting up on my own at 3:10am about 10min before my alarm.

Was waiting for the plane when they announce we won't be landing at site due to weather, instead we're landing in Fort Mac and get to take the bus for 2 hours. The good thing longer nap, the bad thing I was now 3 hours away from having oatmeal. I had a glass of milk before I left the house. On the plane the go to morning snack are the breads i.e. banana and this morning they had cranberry. I love cranberry loaf -I resisted by telling myself it's cake.

At about 9:45am I sat down at my desk and made my oatmeal. I stuck to one cup of coffee thought the machine was calling my name throughout the day  (I can't drink it black so there's always points involved). I stuck to my preplanned breakfast and lunch.

Dinner was skinless chicken breast, veggies, rice and jello. My after workout snack was an orange as opposed to my traditional cookies at site but to get the orange I had to walk past the cookies and I did without any hesitation.

I really needed to do laundry so I managed to score a machine (I keep a wardrobe at site). There are 3 in my wing and one is always out of service. Then I went to dinner, came back had a wee rest and then hit the gym.

I looks like the camp gym gets busy in January as well as all the equipment was taken by people I've never seen in there before. The stair climber and the rower were available. I opted for rowing and rowed for 30min. The display wasn't working so I just counted rows to keep me in the game (600 rows). I had a good sweat going on.

I attempted yoga but the dvd drive wouldn't play the dvd and then I tried to do something off of but couldn't remember my password. By that time it was time for a shower. I'm realizing watching a workout on the tiny screen of my netbook is not fun at all. If only they'd give us dvd players in our rooms to go with our lovely flat screen tvs.

I have anchors to keep me focused everywhere. I put up the calendar in my room and earned another 3 stickers today (on plan, water and exercise). I have 21 mini paperclips in a chain to represent the pounds lost so far since I rejoined WW at 196.2. I even put stickers on the calendar at my desk but in that case it's one sticker for hitting all 3 goals (the stickers are kind of big). Of course I have another calendar and chain of paperclips in my kitchen at home. I'll post pictures when I get home.

Also managed to get the tv off of HD, for the past few week I couldn't figure it out and was only able to watch a handful of channels. Thanks to K for the heads up and I can now see local channels. I'm watching Village on a Diet right now. So more local inspiration would nice from Taylor, BC.

Alright my friends I'm going to focus on the show, talk to you tomorrow.


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Luke & Erica said...

So motivated by you, what a busy day!! I am always complaining about how tired I am and look at you! I officially feel like a wimp now...

Way to say no to the cranberry loaf and cookies!! Erica