Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 13- Home again and no crazy Japanese foodapalooza

Home safe and sound again.

It's looking like a regular pattern of stopping for sushi when we get off the plane as groceries are sparse when you work on the other side of the province 4 days a week.

I gave miso another try today and liked it this time. Makes we wonder if the first miso I ever tried was perhaps a bad batch. I had my veggie sushi and edamame and was perfectly on plan.

Then we had the ice cream but all in all not so bad. The ice cream is like preformed shapes with some kind of centre. Today we shared hazelnut ice cream shaped like a pear and an amaretto ice cream ball with cherry liqueur in the centre.

K and I vowed nothing deep fried this time and we stuck to it.

Tomorrow I have a meeting from 8-10, then meet a friend for coffee and then meet a friend for a movie so it will be a busy day. I'm trying to figure out a trip to the gym in there somewhere I might just take my gym clothes to the movies so I can stop off on my way home.

Saturday is a hair appointment at Aveda, which couldn't come at better time as I feel shaggy.

Alright I'm zonked and off to bed. No workout tonight but if I get tomorrow in that's 6/7 days this week. I've tracked every single day too.


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