Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10 - back in the groove

I had a good day yesterday tracking, workout and water wise and I repeated that today.

Today's workout was 35 minutes on the spin bikes and I had a sweat going probably 5min in, I would consider that a high effort workout. The bike I was on was super uncomfortable as well but I stayed on the damn thing. The day was long so no yoga tonight as I didn't eat dinner till almost 8pm and a full stomach and yoga don't really mix.

It will probably be my workout tomorrow as I have meetings till 7pm.

I'm finding the water intake way easier at work lately as by 4pm I had 2L done.  So I just need to keep that going.

All my calendars are updated with stickers and each paper clip chain gained one paper clip today to represent the 1.4 loss. I'm aiming for a bigger loss this week so this game is on!!!

I'm going to watch Village on a Diet now and then to bed.

Hope you had a great Monday...Hugs!!!!

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