Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day 2- little miss efficient

I am in the zone to return to work tomorrow so today was all about getting sorted.

I did laundry, I put away laundry, I took down all the Christmas decorations, I took out the garbage and recycling, I washed dishes and I packed my work bag. While I'm not exactly looking forward to getting up at 3:30am tomorrow I am excited about returning to formalized routine. It will be an early night tonight that's for sure.

I also did 30 min of step aerobics and still to come is 40 min of yoga when I finish posting this.

I was even going to plan out tomorrow in my WW online tracker when I discovered a wrinkle in my road to efficiency today. The catering company who provides and prepares the food at site normally has menus with NI posted for each day. I logged in today so I could plan my dinner tomorrow only to discover there are no menus posted as they're creating their "winter" menus for Jan 16 so in the meantime it's anybody's guess what will be available. Dang it, if I was following the old WW plan as I can remember point values on the new plan not so good at that yet. Thank goodness for the app on my phone, the phone will have to go to dinner with me. One day I'll know the pointsplus as well as I knew the old ones.

Tomorrow's workout will depend on what equipment is available in the camp gym. It will be cardio related and I'll take my skipping rope with me as a back up plan (I have one in my camp room). I will continue my yoga practice in my camp room as well, I just need to hook up the dvd reader to my netbook.

I'm a tracking fool (thanks to the app and the internet) and have today completely mapped out as well. 1L of water is done, now one to go. It's funny I used to be a hard core paper tracker and now I've embraced the online tracking. I'm such a tech geek.

I watched "I used to be fat" on MTV the other day and I liked how they counted down the days to the goal day. In this episode the girl counted down from 111 days. I'm thinking about doing that till Vegas as a another form of focus for the short term anyway.

I hope you all had a great Sunday,  I'm off to my yoga matt.


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Enz said...

The app makes tracking so much easier, doesn't it?