Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29: Fail to plan, plan to fail

I was a wimp today. I woke up, weighed myself on my scale, looked out the window and went back to bed.

I was up just over 2lbs and there was a whack of snow outside.  I know I should have sucked it up and gone to weigh in. Even though I'm positive the majority of the time I do have my moments where I just want a minute to wallow.

I know exactly where I went wrong this week and the time of the month added an extra snag. I also now that I need to wake-up and focus if I want to make my goals. It's all the little decisions that add up. Last night at dinner I had a reuben and fries - I could have had a salad. At this point I look forward only. I had my minute to wallow and now it's back to focused.

I headed out a few hours later with the intention of going to Iron Reps but I wanted to stop at Walmart first. OMG it took me 10min longer to walk to the mall as I was trudging through snow the entire time. At many points I couldn't tell if I was walking on a sidewalk, road or someone's lawn. It was core exercise and a half. By the time I got the mall I was wiped. I decided to grocery shop after Walmart and head home. The snow keeps falling and my safety mechanism kicked in to say go home.

All in I spent 40min trudging through snow by the time I got home I was sweaty and tired. I'm counting that as exercise.

Now my focus is on tracking, water and a workout dvd later on.

Hope you have a fabulous Saturday!



jiveycreations said...

Awesome Blog you have. This is one of my favorite topics....our weight loss battle.
Love Luyah

Enz said...

I am sure we have nowhere near as much snow as you do...but I am sick of snow!!!