Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 27 - 28 - Where did it go?

So grand plans to go to Iron Reps when we got off the plane yesterday got derailed or should I say deplaned. We left 40min late due to Calgary Airport flow control. Then when we approached Calgary we circled for 30min as planes had to land before us.

We landed at 7:05pm  which made getting to K's house, changing and heading to the gym impossible. So we went for sushi instead.

Today was full of activity starting with a massage. Well I took a bus I normally don't take and completely misjudged how long it would take me to get to that bus stop so I wound up at the massage place a wee too early. I popped over to Cafe Beano for a coffee to kill sometime. I thought I was in a Friend's epsisode as everyone seemed to know each other.

Went to the massage place which I've never been to before and walked into a doctor's office (they share the space with a chiropractor). Met the message therapist at Fruition Therapeutics, she was really nice and I got a Tui Na massage based on ancient Chinese medicine. She had asked me if I had an areas of concern and I didn't really. When she got started I realized I had knots I wasn't aware of. She was putting pressure on my lower butt area that I could feel down to my ankles (My IT band gets a little angry), my shoulders were bad as well (where I carry most of my stress) and my right forearm was pretty bad as well (mouse use and keyboarding). She also an acupuncturist so we talked a bit about that and I think I'm going to give it a try as a few areas especially the shoulders could benefit from that. After the message I felt a little odd like my body was readjusting like it felt aligned for the first time in a long time. I need to go back more regularly.

Then I met up with K and we hit Community Natural Foods where I picked up extra virgin coconut oil, a whack of Crofter`s Superfruit Jam, Almond Milk, Ezekiel english muffins and baked Kettle chips (I didn't know they came in baked). Then  (I finally got around to that) we zipped over to MEC for bike shorts and a bike seat pad for the evil spin bikes at site. I can`t wait to try them out.

Then we wandered over to Lululemon where I managed not to buy anything. She then left for her massage at the same place I did this morning. I went to Frillylilly, after reading about it on Jamie's blog I decided to give it a try. I liked the place and the person I was dealing with so I'd go back there again.

Went back to Fruition to meet up with K and then we slowly made our way to Regal Beagle to meet our two friends with a quick stop at Higher Ground for a london fog.

Now I'm tired and I can still feel the after effects of the massage. The funny part was both K and I had planned a stop at the gym but then realized after that massage that was a pretty bad idea as we'd probably fall of the treadmill.

It's off to weigh in (not looking forward to that at all as it`s been a rough week) and Iron Reps (really hoping I`m not so sore as last time)  tomorrow. The snow is falling like crazy and we have a heavy snow fall warning for tomorrow and it could be 25cm by tomorrow night. I'm curious as to what I'll see tomorrow morning.

Hope your last few days were fabulous.

My homework this weekend get a plan together as this flying by the seat of my pants has to stop on the weight loss front.


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