Sunday, March 22, 2009

Workout in the snow

OMG I shovelled the snow and it's closer to 20cm than 12cm. Super wet and heavy snow at that and I could feel it in my arms.

Thanks to Boxer for commenting on my post the other day about cupcakes. I will definitely have to try the Bliss and Co. cupcakes again. I will say that the cake part definitely superior to Crave. My plan is go in to Bliss and just ask them if they use shortening or butter. I just didn't taste any butter. There are alot of buttercream recipes that use half shortening and half butter also. I might pick a few up on Friday and try to figure it out.

Feedback is good people on my quest to make the perfect cupcake.

My next cupcake experiment will be after Easter and I found another recipe that adds whip cream into the ingredients. So if you're in Sunlife and you see a person carrying a cupcake carrier with two or three trays of cupcakes that'd be me.

Thanks for the comments on the tracking question I posed yesterday. I am going to focus on eating what's good for me and not tracking and see what happens this week.

On the goal front:
Water - 6/7 days
Cardio - 1/2 days
Weights - 2/2 days
Yoga - 1/2 days
Tracking - 3/7 days

On Thursday I'm in Fort Mac and there's no opportunities for workouts that day as it's go go go from 3:30am to 8pm. So it up to me to get in a 2nd weight workout as I'll only see trainer once this week.

So the goals remain the same for next week with the exception of tracking, we'll take that off and see what happens.


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The Glitterati said...

I think it's a great idea to experiment with aiming for "real" foods. I read this article in the NY Times by Michael Pollan (the guy who wrote "Omnivore's Dilema") that really convinced me of this idea. It can basically be summed up by: "Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants.", and it tells you to try eat only foods that one's grandparent or great-grandparent would recognize as food (so, Snackwell's need not apply!) A long read, but a really interesting one.

Anyway, keep us posted on how the experiment goes!