Saturday, March 07, 2009

My reading

Hola Friends,
Yes I do have a fantastic trainer, what breaks my heart is that once these sessions are finished I'm not sure if I can continue with him afterwards from a financial perspective.

It's funny on Thursday we were talking about a company in town that laid off 190 people. He said he's happy he works in a recession proof business. I looked at him and said "Really? You think people will pay for training fees and gym memberships". I know the gym is important to people but I'm thinking things like mortgage and food might rank higher. Once you sign up for these things you're locked in but depending on how long it takes to turn the market around I don't think they'll have an increase in sign ups.

When I first signed up I got a "deal" that works out to about $55/hr. Normally for one on one training it's $85/hr. If I continue with the group training it's $55/hr. So really if I continue with the group sessions for the next 14 sessions I'm not really saving any money but it's not costing me either. But $110 bucks a week could go to other things.

What I was hoping to get out of training sessions for 3 months was to create a habit and to know just how hard I can push myself. Since I'm now absolutely certain they're giving me more sessions than they originally said I'm aiming for second nature.

The psychic was awesome. Super nice, super friendly. She said stuff that made me raise my eyebrows like seeing me in Australia or with an Australian. Other stuff was darn right spooky how bang on it was.

She did ask me questions but it was afterwards almost to confirm something. For example she told me I have a thing about fitting in. Right now I'm in a group of people and I don't think I fit in but the group thinks I fit in. That describes my work environment perfectly. She also said I'm surrounded by worry which also sums up my work environment. She said I didn't need to worry which I knew from a conversation 4 days before this session. Then she asked me what I did.

She described the personalities of my parents perfectly and hadn't asked me about them. She mentioned very specific things about my Dad and Mom (who's passed on) that were very unique and perfectly on.

She had some really good insight on my personality and journey thus far without asking me any questions and very minimal general conversation beforehand.

She saw two relationships in my future, one this summer but it's not "soul mate" more fun and flirty. At one point she looked me straight in the eye and said "you're good on you own aren't you". Which is true, however she did see a soul mate that will come a little later and it will be easy no awkwardness and we'll totally get each other.

I'm happy I have it on tape because we talked a lot and I want to analyze it more.

She told me something that really tossed me for a loop in a positive way that confirms some things that I've often wondered about. I'm not going into detail on that as it will require me to do a some research and I don't want to share it with the world wide web.

It was very interesting to have the palms read, tarot read and tea leaves read.

Today I went downtown for a waxing appointment and hit the mall for a sale. Wowsers that thing has been under construction for awhile but it's getting worse. On their website they show the finished version and it totally reminds me of the decor of the mega mall in Honolulu. I started working in that mall with my very first job at age 17 so this is very interesting to me. It's been renovated before but this a mega overhaul. My friend told me a two storey H&M is moving in. I've been underwhelmed by the H&M's in the suburban malls but I'm hoping they shake it up for a downtown corporate environment.

It's spring savings time my North American friends so that's an hour back.


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IRJessica said...

Hahahaha. Sorry- I think maybe being a trainer is as recession proof as being a manicurist (wait, is that a word?). I am so glad you have gotten tons out of your time with a trainer. If you need to put your money elsewhere, don't be shy to run back three weeks later if you miss the structure of a group and a leader. And, I hope his job is secure as he feels it is. It's hard work and someone has to do it.

The psychic sounds terrific! Someday I'm going to see one and get the goosebumps too. When I was 17 my dad was 45 and single. His last two girl friends had already been through 'the change', so he really saw me as his only kid. He took me and my girlfriends to the state fair, and a psychic read his life line and congratulated him on his big family and many children. He scoffed... Fast forward a few years and I have a couple brothers and a sister these days. Spooky...! Hehe. Fun stuff.