Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dancing with the people you may recognize

Alright for the first time ever I watched Dancing With The Stars last night. I pvr'rd it as I can't bear to watch the whole routine of the not so good dancers.

I think originally everyone thought Shaun Johnson might win but I think Melissa our jilted bachlorette might take it. She danced with two days of instruction and did really really well. I laughed out loud when Lil Kim dedicated her dance to all the women in federal prison.

Isn't it nice to know that So You Think You Can Dance can staff the instructors on DWTS. Dimitri, Lacey and Chelsea...who will be next perhaps Benji as we've not heard much from him after his win.

As per usual the muscle soreness is starting to kick in just before yoga. We did a lot of arm work yesterday and raising my arms up is starting to feel difficult. I'm hoping for no warrior poses tonight. I was kind of hoping it would be cancelled as it's verstunken cold outside and there's nothing like freezing on my there and then freezing on the way home.

However the forecast for tomorrow is a high of -8, that's like a 15 degree warm up.

Must go get ready for yoga but watching BL in the background. I despise wall sits.


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MeltingLisa said...

Roll on the warm up! I am dying here :S