Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm on to you guys

Four other people on my side of the floor go to the gym I go to. Two work with trainers also. Both of these people go to the gym during the day while I prefer to go after work.
Today when they came back from their training sessions they talked about having to do "Turkish thrusters", the spin bike and the rowing machine. They use different trainers yet were doing similar exercises.

So I show up for my training session and guess what it was Turkish thrusters, rowing machine and spin bike. What a surprise, so now I wonder about these trainers...

One of my co-workers and I were talking and she asked me if I was going to continue after the sessions were finished. I'm thinking that's a definitive no. I need to learn to do this on my own. If I do wind up on a fly in/ fly out schedule I'll be training myself anyway.

There was five of us today so we're split into two groups. I was put into a group of 3 and this is how it went:
Traditional warm up - which I've described a bizillion times.

Turkish thrusters - 8 times - 4 each side and then 10 pushups - repeat cycle 3 times.
The turkish thruster involves laying on the floor holding a 10lb weight in one hand straight up 90 degree angle to the rest of your body.

Now manoever your way to standing positing holding the weight straight up at all times, opposite leg of hand holding weight is bent. Your supposed sit up, put your elbow of the arm not holding the weight on the floor to support you, then your hand, then scoop a leg under another let to get upright, then do a backwards lunge with the leg opposite to the one holding the weight, down to kneeling position, scoop another leg so that you're laying back down - this counts as one.
Oh my goodness, I was a wreck at these I was getting up somehow but legs weren't scooping where they were supposed to be. I was sweating buckets after this.

Do 21 reps of each, then 15 reps and then 9 reps:
Dumbell squats/ thruster - 30lbs
Dumbell swing - 10lbs

Row 500m
Spin bike - sitting as fast as you can 15 seconds, stand up steady pace 15 seconds do this for a total of 2 mins.
Farmers Walk overhead 35lbs
Repeat 3 times - though my 2nd and 3rd Farmer's walk was done with 25lbs

Then this thing trainer like called Tabada - 40 seconds as many reps as you can, 10 second reps, 8 rounds of each individual exercise

Bicep Curls - 19lb padded bar
Skull Crushers - same bar
Sit Ups

I was sweating buckets by round two of the first set of exercises. Tonight was the first time he incorporated cardio in between the weights.

By the last sit up I was willing myself upwards. I did not feel so great today probably due to birthday cake (chocolate ganache cake and as dense as chocolate bar).
Later in the afternoon co-workers discovered a new bakery across the street that sells cupcakes. Bliss and Co. it's called and apparently they do more than cupcakes. So of course I had try one as I'm on a mission to make the best cupcake ever. They definitely use shortening and not butter so I've scooped them there. Apparently they make caramel apple pie...dangerous.

Yippee to tomorrow being Friday and getting to wear jeans to work. I have a parcel to pick up and it's either amazon or the long awaited Yogatoes. I'll pick it up on the way home from work.

Alright off to a hot bath...see ya tomorrow.



Lori said...

Nice workout!

boxer said...

Just had to let you know that I beg to differ on the shortening claim. I think it is pure butter, since the frosting just melts in your mouth. I too work at sunlife and go there at least twice per week, running through the back door. Dare I say even better than Crave....I guess to each their own.