Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mysteries of the bus and thursdays training session

Everyday this week there's been a new bus driver on my route in the morning. This is a little freaky as my bus route is not driver friendly. It goes through about 6 neighbourhoods, weaving among side streets with hidden stops. Add that's it dark and at 6am it's quite normal for the riders of the bus to shout out directions like "turn left here". Good to know we can work together and get to work on time.

My favourite driver so far was Tuesday, I should have known he was trouble when he clipped the sidewalk taking the turn by my stop at record speed. He had this uncanny ability to hit the accelerator just as you were in that one spot at the front of the bus where there's nothing to hang on to and he did it to every person.

I have the day off tomorrow...yippee!!!!! The think I looking forward to the most is just sleeping in then I'm going to pop down to Kensington as I haven't been there in ages.

Alright workout tonight made realize my limitations and road blocks.

Warm Up - 3 rounds
Back Extensions
Toe Touches
Samson Stretch

Then each of these exerices for 40 seconds and as many reps as you can do, back to back. 3 sets, 40 second rest between each set.
1st Group of Exercises: 3 Sets
Skull Crushers using two dumbells (12.5lbs each)
Reverse lunges holding two dumbells (10lbs each)

2nd Group of Exercises- 3 sets
Dumbell Squat two dumbells (10lbs each)
Bicep Curl (long bar 30lbs)
Tricep pull ups (long bar 30lbs, hold bar at waist pull up to your chest like you're rowing as you do that stand on your tippee toes as you release the weight down again flatten your feet)

3rd Group of Exercises - 3 sets
Chin jumps (standing on a step under an unassisted chin up contraption, you jump up and try to hold a chin up for a few seconds do as many as you can)
I was so bad at these that I got switched to reverse lat pull down - 35lbs)
Dumbell Swings (17.5lbs)

4th Group of Exercises - 3 sets
Knee Elbow (Hanging from a chin up contraption bring your knees up and hold for a few seconds do as many as you can)
I was also terrible at these so I got to lie on the floor on my back, hands under butt lift your legs off the floor to a 90 degree angle lower to floor and repeat)
Jump Ups - jumping on to a traditional step with 4 risers under each end.
This was road block, I have an absolute fear of jumping with two feet on to something high especially on to something I consider unstable - I was so freaked by these I got to do step ups instead.
Chest Press - 30lbs laying on a bench

I was so happy each time I got to Chest Press as I can do these.

What this proved to me is there's no excuse not do to the exercise but to find a solution that challenges the same muscles that you feel confident doing.

On the bus home I was holding my Ipod on my lap and I went to lift it up so I could change the volume and my arm protested as the muscle was so fatigued.

I do find the muscle soreness is not so bad anymore. It was a rather miraculous change. Last weekend I could harldy move on Friday and Saturday and then tada Sunday and nothing. This week on Tuesday I felt a little soreness but then fine. Perhaps my body is learning...crazy huh!

Alright I'm off to hot bad to soak these muscles.


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