Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lazy day

I woke up at 10am today, I must have been tired because I don't usually sleep in like that.

My first mission of the day was to go buy milk so I opted to walk down to Walmart and pick up a few other odds and sodds and then walk home. Planning a trip to Safeway tomorrow to pick up the fresh stuff but apparently we're getting snow. I heard 10cm, my Dad phoned me to tell me he heard Calgary would get 30cm. If we get 30cm of snow I'm not walking to the grocery store and may just live out of the pantry for the week. I really really hope it's not a lot of snow.

This morning when I left at 11:30 it was plus 10 by 3pm it was 0, that's a fast drop my friends.

I also picked up a Fit Yoga magazine while at Walmart and it had a weigh loss article in it. One tidbit of advice that caught my eye was don't count calories and that the best food to eat is the food that's good for you. Sounds simple doesn't it? This article says the counting keeps you so much in your head that you don't pay attention to what's going on in your body. It also says some diets are filled with chemicals and the first thing taken away is protein. Protein is good for muscles.

This got me thinking a little. On WW we focus on points which is tracking. Do you obsess about points or calories where you look at the numerical value vs. the nutritional value? I know there's been times where I've thought it's only 2pts - the mini Jos Louis cake for example.

As I was in Walmart I noticed they carry some the Biggest Loser products like whey protein powder and a protein drink crystal. Not exactly wholesome ingredients. Ever read the ingredient list on WW foods...a wee bit scary.

Of course if only it was that simple. I'm not so sure my internal dialogue would lead me to the healthiest of options as I have a strong instinct for not so healthy i.e chocolate. It is something to think about. Do I obsess from the numbers and ignore what my body is telling me? Perhaps that will be an experiment for the coming week.

Alright that's it for today.



Julie said...

I know what you mean... I've been struggling with the "points" thing lately and am thinking that I'm going to focus more on WHAT I'm eating rather than how many points it is.

Fatinah said...

I know I've eaten crap because it was low in pts....I think they kinda hit the nail on the head - counting does sort of take the decisions out of your body and into your head....interesting food for thought...haha

Jules said...

personally i track. i track like a maniac. I've only been at this for 1.5 months, but If I don't track... i make poor choices. When i'm planning what to eat i want to the most bang (or food) for my buck (or WWP) to fill my tummy. I do all my shopping at the outside of the store 1st; or I go to the health food store. If there's still money left over or items on my list from the middle... I only hit the aisles I need. it's helped. I used to go down every aisle and impulse buy. I love my sweets, but now I hit the bakery and no matter the discount for buying multiples, I buy only what I will eat in 1 sitting (like only 1 cookie) It's helped. I see how being focused on counting can really screw with your head though. I have a friend who eats cereal ALL day just so she can go out to eat and eat the fattiest greasiest stuff... She's not losing weight very effectively. She can't figure out why, but won't listen to me. Anyhow... really, i think it's about nutrition. My Dr told me to eat as many foods in their raw state or found in nature... fruits not in a can, vegi's not in a can, meats not in the freezer section. To make as many foods as i can this way. And I have been, even if it kills me. And I still eat junky crap... like corn dogs, pizza, cookies, etc... but only allow it a few times a week and then only 1 meal in a day. it's helped. I don't know, you have to find your flow and what works for you. what makes you keep yourself choosing "low" point but nutritous choices. Eating a peice of chocolate or not? I stay on point if I don't count my coffee that i make at home and as long as I lose weight, i'll keep it this way. it helps me stay on track. it's my treat. So I say find your fit and make WW work around you. Only you know you. GOOD LUCK finding you jive. :)