Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday, there was hardly any snow left and water was running down the street. This morning when I woke up and opened the curtains this is what I saw. I'm thinking it's about 12cm right now and it's still snowing.
What sucks about this is the last 3 days have been true spring weather. Now that spring has arrived it snows. Murphy's law for sure.
So I made pancakes for breakfast and once I finish my coffee I'll head out there and shovel. I'm thinking there will be muliple shovelling opportunities today.
Going to the grocery store is out today because roads will be crap on foot or by vehicle. No worries I'll get creative with the pantry and I'm thinking it will be half a can of Chunky Soup with added veg for work lunch (3pts) and I'll investigate the freezer.
So today will be yoga and chores, and clearing off the dvr.

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Jules said...

OMG! That's gorgeous! I love the snow and miss it. Sadly, i miss wlaking in it. hahahahaha! I know crazy! But enjoy the view from your warm & toasty home. Kudos for looking at shoveling as a great exercise tool :)