Thursday, March 05, 2009

Best Workout Ever?

This is what Trainer told me at the end of todays workout. He said that this was the best workout we had together. I looked at him and said "really?"

It wasn't exactly together as today I tried the small group workout. It was myself and two other women and this is what we did:

Each of the follow exercises were 21 reps, rest, 15 reps, rest, 9 reps.

Dumbell Squats (I had two 12.5lb weights)
Dumbell Lifts - 2x 12.5 weights
Dumbell swings - 12.5lbs
Sit ups
Push ups (on the floor)
Hill Climbers (per leg)

We were each doing the above at the same time, the below were stations so each of us was doing a different exercise but same reps as above.

Wall Ball (squat down holding a medicine ball and fling it high so it bounces off the wall and you catch it)

Then he set up 3 stations:
Reclined chest press (25lbs)
Skull crusher on the floor with your legs off the floor
Staggered bicep curl

We had to each exercise for 8 sets 30 seconds as many reps as you could. 10 seconds rest between each set.

My arms were dying by the end of this. It was a good workout that's for sure. I definitely felt like I was working. Sweat dripping off and I was pretty flushed.

Working with the others did keep me inspired to keep going. Both of the other women were super skinny so I felt a little intimidated at first but he adjusted the weight for each person. I found that when I was ready for a break I'd look over at one of them and just keep going.

So on Monday I'll go at 4:30 again and meet up with the group. What I like about this too is he said I can come Mon, Wed or Thurs at 4:30 and he'd like to see me twice a week. Mon and Thurs were my workout days anyway. But at the end of each month I have to go to Fort McMurray on a Thurs so now atleast I have a standard alternate day.

I got there early and he told me to hop on a bike, instead I hit the treadmill. These treadmills are fancy shmancy. As you walk/ run it shows a dot going around a track. I noticed you could plus in the cord of your Ipod so I wonder if it charges it. There's a tv on each one too.

Alright kids I'm off to a hot bath and tomorrow it's the psychic.......I'll share I promise :)



IRJessica said...

The psychic? Hehe- please do share. Sounds like you had one heck of a work out indeed! Way to go!

carla said...

man he sounds like a GREAT TRAINER.

few and far between....