Monday, March 02, 2009

Return of the trainer and stimulating the economy

Today at work I was alone in my row as my two row mates took PTO's today. I kept hearing giggling from the row to my left so I wandered over to find out what was going on.
Pandora charms was going on. I guess a jewellery store near by was having a deal today. Buy $100 worth of charms and get the bracelet for free. I got sucked in. I've heard about these for awhile but I could never justify buying the bracelet and the charms.
So this is my bracelet, photographed on top of my laptop. The charms from left to right are: Smiling Ghost - Pineapple -Hedgehog-Turtle-Angel.
The ghost because I do believe spirits are around us and I like to think the ones around me are friendly. The pineapple because one day I will own a condo in Hawaii, the hedgehog because it makes me think of family, the turtle because slow and steady wins the race and the angel because my guarding angel rocks.
My goodness this is quite the thing 4 of us bought charms today and at one point over lunch we were pouring over the catalogue plotting the next charm. For me they have to represent something not a whilly nilly buying spree.
Alright ready for tonights workout:
Warm Up
3x 20 sit ups
3x 10 toe touches
3x 10 lunges
3x 10 back extensions
3x assisted chin ups
3x assisted tricep dips
3x farmer's walk
50 lunges
50 pushups
50 situps
50 squats
50 lat pulldowns (27.5lbs)
Almost forgot 50 dumbell lifts, stand with knees slightly bent holding a 10lb weight in each hand at shoulder height, when you straighten your legs lift weights above your head - these just about killed me.
5 sets of 5 deadlifts of 60lbs.
By the 2nd set of deadlifts I was feeling nauseous. I finished but the whole way home on the bus (that takes bizillions of corners) it was deep breathing and eyes closed. Got home and had a glass of chocolate milk and then hit a hot bath.
He did say I worked hard tonight, not bad for a week and a half rest. He didn't make me sign for the class I missed either. So I have 16 sessions remaining, which I swear is too many but he's tracking. I see him again on Thursday but this time as part of a group training. I was watching these girls while I did my warm up it looks scary. If I do two sessions a week that's still two months.
I could accomplish a lot in two months especially if I go to the gym in between workouts with trainer and focus on cardio. Hmm tomorrow is yoga but I think I'll head to the gym on Wednesday for some treadmill work.
Alright must go meet the group to finalize the project. Hoping this online thing works tonight.


MeltingLisa said...

That is really pretty!

Tanya said...

The place in Bow Valley? I walked past the sign yesterday and really thought about going in to get one...

Sarah said...

Love the bracelet! Great workout :)