Monday, March 16, 2009

cupcakes and oh my god we worked out today St. Patrick's Day cupcakes that are heading to work tomorrow. The icing turned out way sweeter than I remembered (Wilton's recipe but with butter not shortening). However the cupcakes are devil food chocolate and not sweet. So hopefully the combo will be pleasing to people. The icing kind of tastes like those mint candies that aren't very strong mint.

Oh my goodness the workout tonight kicked my patootie and it turns out I have 14 sessions left. I got trainer to actually count as he keeps throwing out these other numbers.

So 6 stations, 2 exercises and you have to 4 sets of each station. (so in other words each station 4 times before moving to the next station)

Bench press 35lbs - 15 Reps
Chin ups - 10 Reps(assisted but I got to do it with 10lbs less than normal and boy could I feel it)

Tricep Pull Ups 30lbs - 15 Reps
Squats - 25 Reps

Lunges - 30
Ball Drop 11lbs- 20 Reps (which is pounding a medicine ball 11lbs into the floor as hard as you can, catch it and repeat)

Deadlift 80lbs - 8 Reps
Push Ups on the floor - 15 Reps

Dumbell Thruster 30lbs - 15 Reps
Sit Ups - 25 Reps

Dumbell Swing 17.5lbs - 20 Reps
Back Extensions - 15 Reps

The above was my last station and oh my goodness I never thought a back extension could be hard I spent a lot of time hanging upside down as I could squeeze out 3 at a time.

Then I got home and made icing. Oy vey not good following a recipe when you're tired, I'm exhausted and suspect I'll sleep really really well.

School is tomorrow and this is tough night. Work 9 hours and then 3 hours of school. I'll need to stop by Starbucks on the way to the university tomorrow. Last in person class Tim Horton's was closed and I don't want to risk not having caffeine. Right now I have absolute no desire to read the chapter I need to read for tomorrow. Thank goodness for lunch hours and being off work 2 hrs before class starts.

Food went well today and this afternoon when I felt the desire to snack I grabbed a piece of gum. Hey they talk about it all the time on Biggest Loser and I have to admit it worked. Having the peppermint taste in my mouth was like freshly brused teeth and the desire to eat was gone.

I most likely won't blog tomorrow as it's the day from hell tomorrow so take care my friends.

I'll be back on Wednesday with tales of cardio at the gym all by myself.

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Bi0nicw0man said...

That is quite the workout! No wonder you were exhausted!!