Sunday, March 08, 2009

General musings

So I should have written a rough copy of my paper today but I couldn't get into it. I have it in my head but I can't put it on paper yet. It's due on Tuesday.

How is that Telus can update the time on the Blackberry but it takes 2 days for it show up on the land line?

I have a company designated day off on Friday so it's a short week....yippee.

I did a record time grocery shop today timing my buses down to a science and I even returned library books plus it was -18. Yesterday it was about -2 today -18, so fun...not.

I made an apple pecan cheesecake for a birthday at work today and my house smells like cinnamon.

I'm sitting here flipping channels and I see this commercial for the Betty Crocker chocolate thingies that you make in the microwave. Why are there only woman eating this in the commercial? More specifically each woman is in their scenario alone. Not eating with a friend or a boyfriend/husband. What is Betty Crocker implying exactly?

I have not weighed myself in two weeks. Strangely I'm kind of proud of myself as I'm typically a chronic weigher. I'm really enjoying the gym workouts but my tracking still sucks. I'm not over eating but I know I'm not getting all my veggies/ water in.

How evil was it that BL had to throw up a "to be continued" before the weigh in was finished.

Today I bought two types of yogurt. One - Liberte Moka and Zero Raspberry. The moka is made of cream, milk, coffee. The zero is made of things I can't pronounce. Which do you think is really better for me?

Stay tuned for tomorrow and group workout #2.


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Angie All The Way said...

Can you believe that I'm JUST now exploring "real" yogurt? You know, the kind with sugar and fat in it?? I LOOOOOVE IT! Liberte is my hero. I bought the blackberry mediterranean one at lunch time and OMG it's like cheesecake. Same thing with the dulce de lache and the coconut. I'm HOOKED. You will NEVER see me buy a yogurt with artificial sweeteners in it again!

Staying away from the scale is sometimes a good thing ;-)