Saturday, March 14, 2009

Last Meal

When you first joined Weight Watchers did you have a "last meal".

I remember the night before I joined it was just after Christmas and my work had given me a small Bernard Callebaut log. This is a log made out of chocolate filled with individual chocolates. I ate the whole damn thing.

Yesterday was kind of my 2nd last meal. While I'm getting better a weight workouts and recovering faster the scale isn't showing any indication of my efforts as that's because my eating has been crap. So yesterday I ordered pizza and had my last meal before I buckle down and focus on being on track.

All my workouts are working the muscles but my efforts won't show unless I do something about the fat on top of the muscles and that means focused eating and adding sufficient cardio.

So today I reset my weight on ww online and I start over.

I'm really good at writing down all the workouts on this blog but no so much in the journal so today I back tracked through the blog and wrote down all the workouts as their are 6 sessions left with trainer so that's 3-4 weeks. Next week Thursday I'm in Fort Mac so I can't make it twice that week.

My schedule will totally depend on if I continue with trainer and I'll have to really evaluate the cost. I'm getting prepared to do this on my own should I have to.

I have some goals for next week starting tomorrow:
Minimum 2L of water a day
Minimum 2 cardio workouts-Wed and Fri - gym or outside
Minimum 2 yoga sessions - Sunday and Friday (normally Tuesday but I have class this week)
2 weight workouts - seeing trainer Mon and Thurs so those are taken care of.

The mission by end of day next Saturday is to have 7 water stickers and 6 workout stickers on my calendar.

Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping and I will only buy work lunch one day next week.

I'm starting a paper food journal while I'll track online with ww, I need to have something with me to keep me accountable when I'm not on a computer. I also need to journal my thoughts when my instinct is to go get a snack that's not planned into the day and to measure my feelings as well. I'm definitely a feeling eater - happy, sad, bored, doesn't matter each could fuel a food event. The major thing that's been hampering my efforts for the past few months is definitely food.

Met H today for lunch as I haven't seen her in months. I'm always amazed at how fast time flies I can't believe it's been so long since I've seen her.

No matter how busy I get I need to make getting healthy a priority, no one else is going to do it for me.

The journey begins again.

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