Monday, March 23, 2009

Holy Crap

Major news at work that caused a bit of a freak out all round. By 11am I was calm and filled with positivity and surprisingly stuck to my packed lunch. I didn't snack outside my planned day and when I got home I was not eating the fridge either....bizarre. Mergers are always stressfull but there's nothing you can control so there's not point in freaking out.

Killer workout tonight. We did so much that I'm not sure I can explain it but here's a go:

Warm Up - 10 situps, back extensions, toe touches and samson stretches - 3 rounds

500m rowing machine
Shoulder presses (10lbs in each hand)
Proper squats -involving standing with legs wider apart and pressing up using your thigh muscles .....oy vey
Sumo something something - wavy bar 20lbs, hold bar right in the middle with thumbs touching. Start in squat position and stand up holding bar lift to chin

Repeat above 3 times, as many reps as you can in 2minutes, with exception of rower - had to do 500m

Spin bike - 2min
chest press - 40lbs - last round was 50lbs......50lbs people remember when I thought 20lbs was hard.
reverse lat pull down - 27.5lbs

Repeat above 3 times as many reps as you can in 2min.

Then we did "proper" sit ups. Lay down with a towel as support under your lower back (fold towel accordingly), place feet sole to sole so legs are bent, now do a sit up. Apparenlty this works your lower belly and boy does it. Combined with this were dumbell swings.

21 of each, then 15 of each and then 10 of each.

OMG sweat was dripping off me. My back was not happy especially with the rower. Trainer just finished "Crossfit training" need to google that and he called us athletes today and he was our coach.

I'm going to miss him on Thursday, tomorrow I'm going to focus on yoga. Wednesday I need to be in bed early as my flight is damn early on Thursday. I'll hit the gym again on Friday and this weekend.

I got my yogitoes today (pictured above and I got purple) and so far I'm so impressed. I got the full mat one and the hand one. I tried the hand one tonight with just a few poses but my hands did not slide during downward dog...awesome. I think in the summer when it's warm the full mat one will be incredible. Stops your mat from getting sweaty and improves grip. I can't wait to do a yoga practice tomorrow.
Hope all is well with you, hugs!

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MeltingLisa said...

The PetroCanada/Suncor merger? Hope your job is safe!

I am really starting to love yoga too!