Wednesday, March 04, 2009

My brain is full

This is the rolling shopping cart I was talking about the other day. Tres Chic...non. It has a shoulder strap on the back that I don't quite get. If you try to sling it over your shoulder (cart folded of course) the cart falls out. Without the cart that's one big awkward bag. I don't foresee using this shoulder strap. However, I do like the pockets and there is another one in the back. It holds 40L that's a fair amount of stuff.

Had a full day of training at work today and my brain is officially full.

Yes the Pandora bracelet was from the jewellery store in Bow Valley Square. I too have passed that poster a bazillion times. Now I find myself thinking of things I want to add to the bracelet.

The soreness from Monday's workout truly hit me at yoga last night. My movement in and out of poses wasn't very yoga like. I think it looked more like I was falling down drunk. Of course she decided to focus on poses that were crunch like. Fantastic I only did 110 sit ups the day before. I swear there are abs of steel under the blubber.

Shout out to "amazing fantastic co-worker" who learned about my blog today and suggested I call her that when I said I don't use names on my blog.

OMG I must talk TV now. What a schmozzle the Bachelor was , I'm not going to talk about that. I am super excited that the next Bachelorette is Canadian!!!!!! I wonder if they'll let more Canadian guys get on her show. May 18 it starts. Jillian - I hope you find looovveee.

I'm intrigued by commercials I've seen for a new series called Kings. I adore Ian McShane.

America's Next Top Model started tonight. I'm watching it now but kind of on and off. I know I want Sandra booted first.

I have officially stopped watching Heroes. It's so blah.

Battlestar Gallactica - I'm torn that a mere handful of episodes are left. Boomer stole the kid...what is all that about?

I'm outta here, I need to go to bed early for the torture Trainer has in store for me tomorrow.

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