Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day one - back on the wagon

So far so good. I've tracked breakfast and lunch and thus far have had no desire for a snack. I have 10pts for supper.

Yoga planned for later.

I went grocery shopping today and I made sure to go in with a plan. I'm sick and tired of All Bran so I got a box of Cheerios as a break. 5g of fibre not too shabby, it's not as high as All Bran but that's alright. I had oatmeal for breakfast this morning and I think I'll do that again tomorrow. The cheerios will be dinner after the gym sort of thing. I usually eat cereal far more often for supper than breakfast.

I decided on salad for work lunch, but I'm jazzing it up a bit. I got this fantastic marinade that Safeway makes it's a Cuban lime combo. I've got chicken marinating in that and then I'll bake it. I got some snap peas, radishes to make lettuce more interesting.

I picked up the blackberry Liberte yogurt after Angie's glowing review. It's 6pts for 175g, so yeah this ain't a low fat yogurt. If you remember my reasons for buying this as opposed to lower fat is that this one uses real ingeredients. I figured 100g would be around 4pts which would still be a decent serving and not so crazy point like.

They had this new type of tomatoe called Russo, stupidly expensive at $5/pd. There about the size of a Roma but round so I bought two to try it out. I had one with my lunch and it's got a slightly tougher skin and less acidic taste. My cashier said they're great for salsa but really expensive.

I only ventured into aisles if necessary other than that I stuck to the parameter of the grocery store.

Walked to the grocery store, I was going to walk back but I underestimated what I was buying and had a backpack full plus 4 bags. So took the bus part of the way. I was walking the 4 blocks home and I realized I was doing the gym's farmer's walk to certain extent.

I'm sure trainer would be proud :)
Alright tomorrow I bring you yet another workout with trainer.

Have a great Sunday!

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skinnyhollie said...

Way to go for being back on plan! Isn't it a great feeling, to be in control. I did the grocery thing today, too, to stock up on fresh fruit. It helps when you've got the "necessary materials" on hand.

Hope we both have an equally successful day tomorrow!