Sunday, March 29, 2009

Here we go again

Snow, snow and more snow.
I don't mind snow but this is getting a wee bit ridiculous with 20cm being dumped every weekend. Mind you if you've planted tulips, but the snow on your flower beds and you'll have awesome huge tulips. I did not plant tulips this autumn, mind you I should wind up with amazing lilacs and super green grass.

Running around in that snow meant no gym and no grocery shopping today so instead I shovelled snow, cleaned my house and did laundry. The city was warning people not to travel on the roads. (Wet, very slippery snow not so good).

Ran over to the neighbours to get the lowdown on the dog as the dog and I will be hanging out for 3 days while the family goes away for a few days.

I'm excited the dog and I get along really well and this will be a nice vacation for her too. Plus there will be plenty of walks in between gym days so a benefit for both of us.

Food will be interesting I got breakfasts covered but lunches might need to be purchased before I can hit a grocery store. So I'll have to choose wisely.

Looking forward to seeing Trainer and the girls tomorrow.

Alright that's all I got for today so toon in tomorrow for rundown of the workout.


1 comment:

carla said...

this has been the longest winter ever for the notrh!!

Have a great trainer day...