Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm back

Hello, hello,
Can't believe it's been a few days since I've posted as blogging seems to be a regular hobby for me.

Where I left off, I was off to Fort McMurray with 4 dozen mini cupcakes. Boy did a lot of people want to be my friend at the airport. The little suckers survived the crazy bus ride home and the plane. Obliterated by 2pm. My FMM team will never forget me know.

On the way back the plane was delayed for half an hour so that meant I was up at 3:30am and didn't see my house until 9pm. I must remember to bring a book next time. All I had was my ipod and I was draining the battery with games.

Friday flew by with work stuff and I was still pretty tired from Thursday so I was in bed early.

Today I was planning to hit the gym and I was reminded on Friday that I had volunteered to help out on Saturday. What I absolutely love about my company is it's dedication to the community. Any two employees (one has to me an employee more than a year) can ask for money to support a community effort.

So today we bought brand new kitchen supplies for an organization that helps people with brain injuries. Another company donated a brand new kitchen, so we got a whack of stuff to fill it like plates, cutlery, serving dishes, appliances, towels, oven mitts and a bizillion other items. We were meeting at 10am and I had thought o.k a few hours. I got home at 4:30pm. It's all good and the organization is excited so it just warms your heart.

I'll hit the gym tomorrow but probably focus on Cardio as I have trainer on Monday. I also need to get groceries and clean my house so it will be a busy day tomorrow.

Alright hope all of you are well and I'll talk to you later,

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IRJessica said...

What a great company! I love when the "big guys" are worried about the little ones. It sounds great.