Saturday, September 27, 2008

Not as bad as I thought..

Up 0.2 this morning which is way better than I was expecting. You see I had no idea how my weight would react to water retention thanks to TOM combined with weight training. The weird thing is I earned 25 Activity points this week. So no matter what I quite proud of that as it's been a long time since I encorporated that much exercise into my life.

Last night at the gym it was learning the upper body workout. She asked if me if I wanted to do machines or free weights. I chose free weights as often your working core plus whatever muscle you're working on.

I did my warm up and then off with Jenny and just like Wednesday the new girl was with us so I was the training example.

So the first exercise was using the pull down weight machine (aren't you looking forward to me learning the real names of the machines). You sit and grab a bar over your head and pull it down. However she had me sit facing away from the machine and pull the bar behind my head. Working shoulders and back. 12 reps.

Next it was on to a weight bench. Laying on my back, knees bent and feet and head on the bench. I did two different things one was holding 10lbs in each hand so the weights were length wise together, arms straight in front, lower to 90 degrees elbows bent, then push up to starting position. (the official name totally escapes me at the moment). The 2nd exercise was chest flies, so arms once again straight out, weights held end to end this time and lower your arms keeping elbow slightly bent to past 90 degrees. Oh my goodness I could feel this one pretty fast. 6 reps each.

Then we went off to the pulley machine and I had to sit on the floor for row backs, hanging on to this thing that looked like triangle with both hands, making sure to squeeze between the shoulder blades as I pulled it back. 12 reps.

Then off to another pulley machine where I did bicep curls using a straight metal bar and then tricep extensions using a rope handle attached to the machine.

I felt kind of like big girl in the gym as I sort of looked like I knew what I was doing.

Next I had to do all that again. Everything is 2 sets but she didn't want me to just pause for 60 seconds between sets but treat it like a circuit. So your also racing around the gym

Next it was off to do the core exercises that I described the other day - 2 set circuit.

Then it was off to cardio. Due to having a ton to do before I left for my Dad's. I did 15 min on the Arc trainer and then walked home (15min). Then cleaned my house (60min).

On Monday the 6th we do lower body, I'll have to copy this stuff off my card so I can actually tell you what things are called.

So it's one day upper body/core/cardio, one day lower body/core/cardio and one day core/more cardio.

I'm really looking forward to coming back home so I can get into a routine.

With next week at my Dad's and eating out of his kitchen I'm not sure what will happen weigh wise when I get back. The week is dedicated to studying for the exam I have on the 4th.

I'm really looking forward to being done with that and being able to put it out of head.

So have a fantastic week my friends, I look forward to reading up on all your adventures.



skinnyhollie said...

Wow...(.2) isn't bad at all considering TOM and weight training! Congrats on all the AP's you earned this week!

Diana said...

I just started with a personal trainer too. She's kicking my butt big time. I thought I was working out hard on my own, now I feel like I was hardly working out in comparison to my new routine with the trainer.

Good job on only .2, that's not bad considering everything.

Fatinah said...

you brat - 0.2 is a pretty much a maintain! Awesome work having so many activity points. Happy studying!! ;-)

Diane Mandy said...

I miss weight training!