Thursday, September 25, 2008

1st 90min with trainer...

Update: For everyone worried about their next weigh in. 1. don't compare yourself to others, 2. this is a 14 week challenge. It breaks my heart to read about people in a panic. Everyone loses weight differently and it's a 3 month challenge. Perhaps this week isn't amazing but every .2, .5, .6, .8 counts towards becoming healthier. I'm not expecting a stellar weigh in due to retaining water and how my body reacts to crazy workouts all of a sudden. Have faith in yourself and remember you are doing this for you.

She kicked my patootie and most of it was fit assessment, heaven help me with the workouts.

I got to the gym a bit early so I hit a treadmill for 10min to one kill time and two have a bit of a warm up. I then go to the desk looking for Jenny. I get told that she's just wrapping up with someone so go to the bikes and pedal for a bit so my muscles don't cool down.

I was on the bike for 2min when Jenny came up to me. So first thing was a Vo2 Max test on the bike. I had to pedal keeping my rpm between 60-70 hanging on to the handle bar sensors. For 7 min I pedaled with what felt like up a mountain. I think my score was 28 which isn't fantastic, average is 31-33.

Next it was a flexibility test, sitting on the floor with legs straight out and feet against the contraption. I had to push a little wooden block while leaning forward, kind of like touching your toes type of move. My belly totally didn't help with that one. So that kind of flexibility not so good.

Next where push ups (I despise push ups), she kept telling me to go lower and I went as low as I could without not being able to come up again.

Based on this she started to design day one of my 3 day program.

Core Day:
15min Warm up on treadmill 3.5 miles, 3 incline

Crunches on a stability ball, 2 sets of 12 lifting the shoulders only, 2 sets of 12 lifting up to the waist.

Next was some contraption that I have no clue what it's called. You stand on it and put your feet on a metal bar and then lift your legs up working your lower abdominals. This was hard! 2 sets of 12 (by the first 8 I was getting tired).

Next the machine that works your obliques, you swivel from front to side. Right side - 2 sets of 30lbs, Left side - 2 sets of 30lbs.

Then it's 20min each on two different cardio machines.

So she put me on an Arc trainer first - I did 17min
Then it was a treadmill 3.3 miles - 6 incline for 20min.

Then stretching and I walked home.

I was exhausted when I got home and had cereal for supper.

I'm not sure if we're doing lower or upper body on friday.

She said to do weights first so you burn some carbs and then by the time you hit cardio you're in fat burning mode. We'll see how that works.
She wants me to do one set at a time and kind of go in a circuit twice so no resting for a min between sets it's just off to the next thing.

She looked at me and said I'm going to work you hard, I looked at her and said "Deal".

I feeling good about this, I won't get bored with the moving from thing to thing and splitting cardio between different machines. She appears to know what she's talking about.

Today I can feel my abs so I have perfect posture.

Now the next two session she'll show the rest of the workout in part 1 and part 2 kind of fashion.
It kind of sucks that I'm away next week but this will inspire me to atleast keep up yoga while I'm gone.

I'm realizing how much I have to do before leaving. I made a list this morning and I'll make a pack list today. I have no idea when I'll get home from class tonight so I'm betting all must get done after gym tomorrow and Saturday morning. My bus doesn't leave until 12:45 on Saturday so I'm planning to get all done on Friday and just be an energizer bunny.

Have a groovy day everybody!


Fatinah said...

that sounds like a great workout session - and lots of activity points!

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

That's a great reminder at the top of your post! So true!