Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some people

Watched the new season of ANTM last night, thought the whole future top model thing was a bit silly.

Adore Marjorie and wish this girl gets more backbone. So so so happy that Shoshauna (sp?) got kicked out. Her behaviour while Isis was doing her photoshoot was awful. I don't care what her personal feelings are towards transgendered individuals, she should have been professional if she wants to be a top model.

I'm really looking forward to the make-over episode. McKey's red hair has got to go.

Work is a strange place to be today, much drama and upsetness. Sent resume off to a new position yesterday. The desire to leave is getting stronger I must say.

Getting hair cut tonight and I'm quite excited as I'm completely over what I have now.

Later kids!

1 comment:

Fatinah said...

I could sure go without all the girly screaming that goes on - that's for sure!!

I can't wait for the makeover episode either - it is always my fav of the season!