Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Frost in more ways than one

That is what I woke up to today. A balmy +2 and frost on the grass and windshields of cars. Going up to 17 though but it did make me find my mittens this morning.

Got an email from my recruiter this morning and the company I interviewed with on Thursday is not interested in going forward with me at this time. It's alright, I wasn't feeling super warm fuzzies about the position anyway. It's always a bit disappointing of course as now I'm at square one once again.

The weekend was alright. Great visit with Dad on Saturday and managed to spend money in 3 different grocery stores.

On Sunday Dad went home and found snow on his property and the rest of the day was just kind of blah. It was grey and rained all day. I was bored but couldn't get motivated to do much. So I baked cookies for the office which I forgot today so they'll come to work tomorrow.

Monday I actually cracked open the NKE prep manual and read the first section about the first of 8 required professional capabilities. My plan is to finish reading all 8 RPC by Sunday and then next week go back and make notes. Then for the next two weeks work on the sample questions. The test is October 4th. I've already mentioned to work that I might take Oct 3 off.

Monday night I had dinner with C and her boyfriend K. K is a new entity to us as she met him in Toronto. Nice guy, definitely likes C so I am pleased with this match up.

Bit of a foodapalooza over the weekend so today is definitely go back to basics kind of day.

Speaking of match ups, I can't get into eharmony at all lately it's like I just don't care at the moment. I have other concerns than finding a boyfriend at the moment. It expires on Oct 20 and I would have cancelled before hand but I missed the deadline and it just re-subscribed - Irritating I must say.

It seems like frost has invaded my life lately as in I've got a case of the blahs. Blah towards weight loss, blah towards current job, blah towards finding a new job and blah towards love life. I mean really the blah business needs to end and I know that. So this weekend I also dug out my WW tracker and dated all the pages, and started to track once again. I need to check daily for job updates and not hope that things land in my lap. In the meantime I really need to put more effort into what I do now. Once I have all that sorted then I'll focus on the love life. I might be seeing a psychic soon (coordinated with a few friends) so maybe that will shed some insight...

Things to look forward to: Fall, I love fall from the clothes to the weather. I start school on the 25th so the grey matter will be engaged. After Oct 4th (as all waking moments will be geared to this test) maybe I'll look into a 5K running clinic to get out and meet new people.

Life goes on my friends so might as well make the best of it.


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