Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I should rule the world

Or really anyone with common sense.

I had my quarterly review today and it wasn't fun. I work in a sales culture, so it doesn't matter what kind of effort you put in, or the fact they hired stupidly and too many in one area, or that business is very very very very slow due to market conditions are still expected to make the crazy targets they set out for you (that they randomly pick out of their head as they're not based on any kind of historical data). If my clients don't order due to hiring freezes or they don't want to pay fees and instead higher salaries, this is somehow my fault.

So I'm not making enough money, I'm making them money but not enough. Aaagh, I hate my job but all this does is inspire me to look for a different one. So that hunt begins again.

I dvr'd SYTYCD Canada and caught the last few minutes as it was showing, it looks good.

I'm beyond happy it's Friday, I need time to think.

Have a groovy weekend!

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Rebecca said...


i havent commented in a while but wanted to say hey. i'm still around and reading.