Saturday, October 04, 2008

Back from the wild

Hello my friends,
I have returned from the land of 3 channels and no internet access.
My alarm went off at 6am this morning so I could be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the test that's been my all consuming thought for the past few months.

It is written and in the hands of the CCHRA and I will know around Dec. 4th how I did. 70% is the passing mark to go on to the second test. I don't know how I feel. I don't feel like I aced it nor do I feel like I failed so we shall see. I know I prepared the best I could with what I knew then.
If I do have to write it again in May, I shall be beyond prepared but I'm chanting 71% in my head between now and December.

The test was scheduled from 9am to noon, it took until 9:20 to start so everyone could be seated. They actually put the exam on the desks in alphabetical order so you had to go look for it and sit in that spot. Silly I thought, why not just hand you the sealed envelope when they checked your i.d and ticked your name off the list. Who am I to judge. I finished about 10:50 but I sat their for 10min double checking my first 15 quetions, you know nerves and such. There were some questions I guessed at but there are 150 questions in total.

I had to weigh in on my scale this morning as there was no way I could make the meeting and was a bit surprised to see a 1.6 loss. I sat for a week reading, eating, sleeping, reading, eating, sleeping. Now the eating wasn't crazy and the thing about Dad's house there are no snacks. There's breakfast, lunch, supper and at 3pm it's coffee time which means coffee and some sort of pastry. Add in it's the week after TOM so any water gain is gone at the moment.

I'll post a couple of pictures tomorrow of the cat that hangs out on the property and the psycho squirrel. The cat is cute and when the patio door is closed will role around and meow and if you put your finger on the glass he'll swipe at it in a playful manner. Open the door and he backs up 4 feet. Yet he acts all lovey dovey when he sees you and shows you his belly but not when the door is open. I don't get it, but I think he's adorable anyway. The squirrel sounds like 3 people marching on the roof when the does his gymnastics from a tree to the roof to the deck and back again.

The skunks that live under the deck, (My Dad considers them family as they help deal with the mice). I saw one on the deck this time after 10pm. My goodness they've grown since the summer. They don't bother us at all and are nocturnal anyway. Heck my Dad feeds them and the cat. We call the skunks "Skunkies" and the cat "Catnip" or "Meow" because he'll just sit at the door and do that.

Alright my friends I'm exhausted and think I'll go have a nap.

Tomorrow when I'm refreshed I will catch up on all my blog reads.



Fatinah said...

welcome back!

->cara said...

Wow, congratulations on the loss. 1.6 pounds! Awesome.

And, whew, glad that test is behind you. Now life is getting back to normal—is that a good thing? I hope so!

skinnyhollie said...

Here's wishing you did well on your test, and congrats on the loss!

Leigh Anne said...

awesome loss