Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Leona Lewis needs a new song

Or at least that was my waking thought this morning as "Bleeding Love" was the song that was playing. I did like this song when it first came out but now it makes me want to switch stations.

Yoga was excellent last night we did a lot of restorative poses so opening up the chest, stretching the back. I slept like the dead last night.

The cheesecake looks fantastic and smelled incredible so I was very happy to have to leave the house for yoga

I was recording Biggest Loser but I wound up watching most of it before and after yoga. I liked the Grey team but it makes total sense game wise as to why they were voted off. I was a bit surprised to hear Heba say that Colleen was a big threat. Of course the girl has heart and drive but technically not as much weight to lose as some of the others. Totally disappointed in the Orange team for going back on their word to the Grey team. Hmmm...I think Heba is the one to watch in terms of game play. I loved it when after the slip n' slide challenge her husband said "I get to call the dog".

A lot of those recipes looked really good that they made. I'll definitely check if they post them.

All my gym stuff is with me today so we shall see if I get a training session tonight.

Have a great day everybody.


Anonymous said...

ohh, I missed yoga on Monday because I had back pain. If I had gone to yoga I probably wouldn't have HAD the back pain ((sigh))

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Hey I did my first yoga for beginners class tonight. (First one in years and since my MVA) It was pretty good, but I don't feel like I really "did anything" but maybe I'll feel it tomorrow.


Bi0nicw0man said...

All this talk of yoga (you and Angie) leads me to beleive I need to follow through on finding a class of my own!

Would you mind either posting or emailing me your recipe for the Oreo cheesecake? Those are DBFs two favorite things put together so I would love to make it for his birthday.