Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Season of Biggest Loser begins...

I watched a bit of BL last night as I had to zip off to yoga, it is safely on my dvr. I've already read a recap so I know who went home but I'll definetly sit down and watch the whole thing properly.

I loved the bit where Bob was talking about him having husbands and wives and Jillian having parents and kids and that it was his mission to make sure he didn't see people from his team back with their kids in the future.

Keeping in mind I haven't watched the whole episode, I do wonder what people expect will happen when they hit the ranch. We've watched this thing for a long time, expect to feel tortured.

As I read my blogs this morning I was really struck by two today. First this post at All & Sundry , big thanks to Fat Bridesmaid who mentioned this post. I also really liked Angie's post today.

For pete's sake we have the Canadian version of so many other shows why not Biggest Loser. Its not like there aren't other international versions of this show. Plus you do this over winter and snow shoeing could be an interesting challenge, while also showing workouts happen all year round. I'm quite liking the idea of a Biggest Loser : Blog Edition but not a competition, no prizes just the goal to be at your goal.

Yoga was good last night, many more people than last time and I got a little territorial about my traditional spot..note to self get there earlier next time. We did mostly standing poses which aren't my favourite. This time round she had the lights dimmed and was giving verbal cues which was fine until I discovered I was way off on one nicknamed "happy baby" and I think the words "hell no" were whispered as I tried to get into that pose.

When I got home from yoga all hell broke lose food wise. I definitely need a post yoga snack. I didn't even think about it and started noshing on Fibre One tortilla chips, then sugar free rice pudding, then a couple of crackers. Whoa nelly! I was having a really good day up until then..dang it.

So today I'm being cautious, still 3 days to weigh in.

I've resolved myself to thinking I should weed the flower beds, you see it's going to be 26 degrees today which is crazy and I was certain my responsibility to the flower beds was done with falls arrival but no, they mock me everyday when I get home.

Have a groovy day!!

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Angie All The Way said...

Eventually there HAS to be an official canadian edition, but until then, we're all pumped to create our own blog edition and we're all serious about it too! This is going to be so fun/hard/scarry...all kinds of wonderful and opposing feelings cause we're going to get where we're going and that's that!