Saturday, September 06, 2008


I skipped WI this morning. For the past week I've eaten whatever the heck I wanted and didn't care about the consequences. Why? Mainly due to wicked stress that I had been avoiding for a long time.

This morning I woke up, took my measurements, did the full scale routine with my home scale (weight, bmi, body fat, body fat%, body water%) I'll be at WI next Saturday.

I just needed a break, an official one not just lousy tracking and continuously trying to get back on track. So I took a week off and now I'm back. I've tracked everything today and I've given myself lower point target for the next two days just to shock my metabolism.

I started a journal again to track the emotions behind the eating, this where I've written all those measurements from this morning. They're definitely linked, for me anyway.

It's a goofy time. My friend H is going through a rough time, her beloved cat is not well. She's a great cat, loads of personality and 20 years old. If Kitty could talk, the tales she would tell. I feel for H, I was traumatized when my dog died. Toby went the world to me, and even thought it's been a long time (1994) but it can still make me tear up.

Work is bizarre, there are 6 non management staff and all are hoping not to be there by Christmas.

I guess this all just life, you have to take the wonky with the good.

So I'm starting over for hopefully the last time. Isn't that the good thing though, we can start over. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

Watched two movies over the last two nights because there's been nada on tv. I can't wait for the new season, I tend to dvr shows and then watch them on the weekend.

So I watched Be Kind Rewind, with Mos Def and Jack Black. It was super slow at the start but definitely picked up. Heart warming movie really. I got this one on Shaw on Demand.

Tonight I watched The Bank Job, I love Jason Stratham and volunteer to have his children. The movie was good too. Based on a true story taking place in London in the 1970s. More of an intelligent, cheeky action film. I pay-per viewed this one.

The stupid thing I could have dropped by Blockbuster this morning but didn't want to.

I orderd the first season of Mad Men from Amazon, and that should be here soon. Thank goodness. Most of the new shows don't start for another few weeks. I saw a commercial for a show called Glam God hosted by Vivicia A. Fox, a stylist competion and then in October Stylista starts should be interesting to see how they differ and I hope I can pick up some tips. I think I need a bit of a transformation.


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Chellie has Issues said...

We all are constantly needing to regroup and refocus. It's a journey and I'm glad you're still on it!