Friday, September 26, 2008

Temporary Amnesia and Hormones

These are the only things that explain my eating behaviour yesterday and again a reason to keep WW books at work.

For lunch I went to Tim Horton's and had the Ham and Swiss sandwich, thinking it's on the healthy menu. Alright I had a donut too. I bought a muffin for dinner as I'd be in class from 6-8:30 and probably not get home until 9pm.

Last night I wrote it all down in my tracker. OMG - the sandwich 9pts, the donut 8pts, the muffin.........10pts.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid! I must create a mantra "Muffin equals cake".

I was surprised about the sandwich that's for sure.

So the change of schedule and good old TOM tossed me a curve, am I going to throw this week away. Hell no, today is back on program and the gym tonight not to mention loads of water. What will happen at Saturday WI? A learning experience.

Now I know I need a better plan for Thursdays and my crazy schedule.

I did walk home from the bus stop that's 12 blocks in the dark by myself. I felt safe this time but I can't guarantee that will be everytime. I wanted to squeeze in some APs.

Getting to the University was an experience. I had to take the train and I never take the train. It was a case of sardines. The first one was too packed to get on. The 2nd one I got on to but there's no personal space. You are touching other people.

The class is bigger than I thought and I ran into someone who works for another division but the same company and a client that I've only emailed. So that was bizarre. This woman was asking me if I was pursuing the CHRP and I said yes I'm doing the first test on Oct. 4th. She says to me " I heard it's hard". What I wanted to say to her "Shut up". I don't need to hear that, I know it's not easy but be positive damn it.

The good thing about this week - thus far I've earned 20APs and there's still gym tonight. Apart from Thursday eating has been good. Have I been 110%? No, more like 90% so now I know what I need to do for the rest of this challenge.

Saturday will be a weigh and run as I don't have time to stay for the meeting. I promise to email Angie my results before I leave and I may have time for one last post before I go.

Then it's off to the middle of nowhere for some serious study time.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week while I'm gone. I'll be back on Sat. Oct 4th - after the test to recap on everyone's happenings.



Fatinah said...

Good for you for not letting that oops at Tim's throw you off!

Laura said...

a previous trainer of mine used to say that muffins - all muffins - should be renamed Breakfast Cupcakes. Then you won't be tempted. :)