Monday, September 22, 2008

Modern Technology

Update:Almost caved in and got a chocolate bar this afternoon, but then stopped myself and said you can have your afternoon snack at 4pm..tada I did it!

At 8am this morning I was at the dermatologist for my annual skin check (melanoma scare 5 years ago-ish, lucky for me caught early and now have a snazzy scar on my arm that sort of looks like a stab wound...which would probably make for a more dramatic story)

I'm all clear for another year and he froze a sunspot on my cheek which will apparently crust over and fall off (doesn't look so bad right now, I had pictured something much worse) and he took off a skin tag on my shoulder and then lasered it. This all happened in 5 minutes.

Being scrutinized while naked is embarrasing but better than being dead. I have my next year's appointment booked and I can't help but wonder where I'll be weight wise by then.

Looking forward to the first day with trainer tonight, which also means there might be mulitple posts today. I get a "fit" assessment, that should be interesting. I strongly suspect the results will be similar to the last one I did - strong lower body, wimpy upper body. So my appoinmtent is at 6:15 so I left all the gym stuff at home. I should be able to get home by 5:30 change and zip to the gym (15min walk at least) so there's my warm up.

I need to make a birthday cake this week and was going to make it for Friday (the actual birthday of the individual) but now they've requested Wednesday instead. So now I need to pick up the ingredients after gym and make it before yoga tomorrow. Oy vey, I'm going to make a cheesecake as those are pretty fast and I'm good at those.

So on to BLBE excuses and challenges.

Tired - for sure I can make all sorts of plans but if I hit the couch first it's doomed.
Bored - snack attack heaven, and then I always eat then track it after the damage has been done.
I can be a bit of an all or nothing thinker myself. Blew a day there goes the week sort of thing.

So the going forward for me is:
Don't give myself a chance to sit down, either go straight to the gym or go home change and straight to the gym or if it's not gym - change and straight to whatever activity.

When I feel a snack coming on, truly evaluate if I'm hungry and drink some water. Evenings can be bad for me so if I have trouble resisting then go straight to bed.

If there's a slip, get back on the wagon the next meal not the next day.

Yesterday I put all of the challengers blogs into my bloglines so I have a one stop read and someone was saying how they divide the ice cream into half cup servings. OMG that's genius and never occured to me. I'm not sure we have the half cup Glad containers in Canada.

So Food for the day:
Oat bran - 1
1 tbsp Brown Sugar - 1
1/2c blueberries - 0.5
1c Milk- 2

A.M Snack
coffee (light evap milk and sugar) - 3
yogurt and 1/2c blueberries - 2.5

Salad with 2oz turkey and 0.5 oz walnuts - 4

Dressing - dip fork into dressing then into salad so will track this afterwards. It's a light dressing so probably no much. It's truly amazing how little dressing you use doing it this way.

PM Snack
cheese and apple - 3pts

So that leaves me 7 for supper post gym (not including whatever dressing works out to but I'm betting it's less than 2). So let's say 6 for supper. Which is completely reasonable.

We'll see activity point wise this evening, not sure if that will factor in.

I do strongly believe in eating your APs and FPs, when I go back and look at past weeks I've always done better when I eat those. Now mind you that's my metabolism, everyone is different.

I'm totally thinking at the end of this challenge we should have BLBE t-shirts :)



Fatinah said...

I found the 1/2 cup containers at Co-Op

Fatinah said...

oh, and I'm one of those people that also does better if I eat activity points...especially when the activity has been at the "intense" level

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

Good for you re: the chocolate bar! And I love the idea of t-shirts. That's great! We can use cafepress or something to do it!

Sara said...

What a good success with the chocolate bar!

Can't wait to hear about your training session and your fitness assessment!

Angie All The Way said...

Yeah girl! My tummy was just rumbling about an hour too early for lunch, and then I chugged my water because you reminded me to.

Fork dipping always surprises me when I think to do it. a little taste with every bite is usually enough and you hardly need any!

T-shirts would be so fun eh!