Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Body is a mysterious thing

Down 1.5 lbs this morning, bizarre I must say. We shall see how the week pans out as the only weigh in that truly matters is the one on Saturday.

I made a turkey lasagna for work lunch with loads of veggies and it looks divine. Of course I can't eat any of it today. I'm going back to the bring lunch for 4 days and buy one day as it keeps the variety. Strangely I think I could eat lasagna all the time, I am a pasta fiend.

So I watched this strange show on the W network called Supersize vs. Superskinny. The premise is one very underweight and one very overweight person live together for a week. The Supersize eats one week of the food the Superskinny person eats and vice versa. The first show I watched the superskinny was eating the amount of calories for a 4 year old. I think it was something like 900 calories (don't quote me). The supersize at over 3000 calories a day. They each got to see how extreme each others diet was. They were medically supervised and when the week was up they were each given a food plan and reunited 3 months later. Of course the superskinny is trying to gain weight and the supersize is trying to lose weight.

The best part of this show is that it also has this incredibly funny woman named Anna Richardson who tries out all those crazy diets and trends that magazines and media toss at us. Like the apple diet, which she tried in this episode after talking to a model and asking what crazy things they did to prepare their bodies for a show. It's a British show on Channel 4 there check
out their link. I seriously laughed out load, Anna is super funny. If you don't get W Network you can also check it out on you tube.

Alright off to do laundry, hugs to all.

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->cara said...

Congrats on losing 1.5 pounds. Hope it stays off. I lost 1.4 yesterday (AFTER WEIGH IN OF COURSE). I hope it stays off until next Saturday as well.

I love finding shows like that. Really makes you think about how everyone else deals with eating habits in different ways. We're not alone, right?