Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The picture of patience

So my lovely first gym session with the trainer didn't exactly go as planned.

I got home, changed and zipped to the gym (15min fast paced walk). I got there and ready 15min before my scheduled appointment. So I sat and observed the other gym goers for 15min. Then I see this girl go by me with a clip board talking to another gym goer. Hmmm...she sounds like Jenny. This is at 6:05.

So at 6:15 I go to the desk and say I'm here to see Jenny. A look of a wee bit of panic is on the face of Natalie (the manager) who at this moment is training a new employee. So she explains that they're a bit behind today could I go do 15min warm up on one of the machines and come back. So I go to do that (3.5 walk on the treadmill for 15min). I go back to the desk and who I have now guessed is Jenny is doing fit tests with two new people. Hmmm....so I wait. When she steps away I ask are you Jenny? She says yes, I say I'm you're 6:15- again panic. I say this as yet another person is waiting for Jenny also.

Do I get angry? No, I look at her and say alright. How about I come back on Wed and Fri and then get an additional session on Mon Oct 6 as I'm away the week in between. A look of total relief crosses her face and thanks me for being so understanding.

I discovered that they were short a person and with so many new renewals (Last year they offered one year at $199 so now all those people are renewing their memberships) they had an abundance of people scheduled for the fit test. I'm in staffing, I understand.

I did observe that measurements and determining your body fat percentage are part of the fit test...oh joy.

So I went to Safeway picked up the ingredients I need for the cheesecake and walked home at a fast pace. In all that's 45min of cardio. Not too shabby.

I will be at the desk 15min before my scheduled appointment on Wed. just so everyone knows I'm there.

I picked up a Lean cuisine mushroom steak panini for supper and did have a few Oreos (ingredient for the cheesecake). However before anyone gets all bad cop. I had the pts (Flex) for it and I tracked in my journal before I ate them. Last week I would have eaten then written it down.

As of the scale this morning 1lb down and still on track.

Tonight 90min of yoga.

So stay tuned on for that recap of the fit test ...


Fatinah said...

holy - did you ever have a great on program day! way to go - too bad your appt didn't work out - but let us know how it does go on Wed....

Weight Loss Journey said...

You have the patience of a saint! I'm not sure I would be so understanding...I need to follow your example on this.

I had my first personal trainer session last week. She's a gal I've been taking aerobics from for the last six months. I love her! She did the fitness test on me last week, including the BMI measurement with the pincher thingie, and measurements. Interesting my hips aren't where I thought they were, it's actually one inch below the top of my hip bone. Who knew?

She also had me do the pushup test, the stair step test, the flexibility test and the crunch test. Fun times. :)

Hopefully your session will go well next week. I'm sure Jenny thinks you're an angel for letting her off the hook.

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

Girl if you've got the points for it, it's all good :-)