Friday, August 29, 2008

Long weekend approaches

First of all I weighed in last night as Saturday will be complicated with my Dad in town. Down 1.6 - yahoo and that's 1.5 days early my friends.
It was that meeting's Leader that weighed me in and she was quite funny. I might check out her meeting once as I think she'll have spunk.

The interview was interesting. Very corporate environment and pretty funky building. The main floor is a bit boring but I suspect the 2nd floor had a bit more going on and as everyone seemed to be headed that way. The HR department was on the first floor so I didn't get to see it.
First of all they were expecting me next Thursday. So my recruiter messed up, fortunately the two people were available so they interviewed me anyway. The position is much bigger than the job description and it would truly be an amazing opportunity for someone. They seemed to like me but they are interviewing more people in the next few weeks due to vacations. Now this could be good or bad, the others might be measured against my fabulousness or I will be a vague memory by the time they finish those interviews. She did say that it might be a bit of a longer wait so at least they warned me. Time will tell.

I also checked in the with company I interviewed with a month ago, hey they said keep in touch and call us in a month so I did. Had to leave a message.

Oh yes that colleague I told you about who is was waiting to hear about her interviews, did hear back yesterday. She's going in for a 3rd interview as they have changed the scope of the position a bit. I'm so excited for her.

Now with long weekend approaching I'm guessing communication in general will quiet down. There was very few people on the bus this morning, emails are not that abundant and my phone has hardley wrung.

I'm so looking forward to 3 days off.

Have a groovy weekend.


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