Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 37 - Got me a plan

Let's hope I can stick to this one. I will stick to this one.
It started off pretty rainy today and I momentarily thought about not going to the gym. Then I gave myself a talking to and said when you hit the half marathon training you'll have to overcome weather. I will never forget that half marathon walking clinic I did with the Running Room years back some of those training days were cold. I got dressed anyway and packed my gym bag then I looked outside and it had stopped.

I was walking to the gym and about the half way point it rained again but I had my umbrella alas 2 min later it stopped again.

I hit the treadmill for 44:54min, 5.63km, 353 calories burned, Pace 7:58-6:21, HR 161-180 and I did 15 intervals of 2 min walk/ 1 min jog. I did increase my speed today from 5.4 to 5.8 and didn't use any incline. I wore my garmin but I also kept an eye on the treadmill as it was counting in miles and I was counting in KM. I discoverd I walk fast then 16min/mile so the pace requirement shouldn't be an issue for the Tinker Bell Half.

I walked home again after that so earned another 37 min of brisk walking on top of the treadmill workout.

When I got home I created a plan for the next 17 weeks of prep work before I start half marathon training. It's pretty much just a way to track activity for the next 17 weeks and uses the workout plan I posted yesterday but I also created a seperate plan to increase the run on the intervals.

I'll continue with 2:1 for the rest of the run/walk days this week. Next week I'll do 1:30:1:30 and then the week after that go down to 1 min walk and start increasing the running by 30 seconds every week after that. I have 3 run/walk days per week. In 17 weeks I should be able to at least do 9 min of running and 1 min of walking.

I'm not starting from scratch or the couch as I've been doing the 2:1 thing for quite sometime but I want to take this slow so 1. I don't freak myself out and 2. build up safely. Who knows perhaps as endurance and recovery get better I might be able to accelerate that as right now my plan is slower then the C25K plan.

At site I normally eat dinner and then go workout so I'm re-thinking that. If I make sure to have a snack at least 2 hours before I could probably eat after and not make my body try to run when it just ate.

I also booked my hotel for the race and decided to go with the Disneyland Paradise Pier. I've never stayed on the property before. The first time I went it was across the street and the last time I was actually staying in Long Beach. We got bored and hopped in a cab to the park and back.

I did like the idea of staying close to the start/finish line. I fully plan to be a little kid so I also got a 3-day pass. Space Mountain and Indiana Jones I have missed you.

I booked through the race travel provider as I did look around and they had the best deals -they also have limited availability so that's why I booked now. Now that just leaves flights but as I'm not going for 7 months I'll keep my eye out for seat sales.

Can you tell I'm excited about this?

Other than that it was laundry day and I watered my flowers.

I do hope you all had a fabulous Sunday!


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Enz said...

I am so excited for you..I am contemplating doing a 5K run in Toronto in September...which is is about as close to your excitement as I'm going to get :)