Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 22 - Emotional vs Logical it's time for a showdown

Dear 170,
We meet again. In fact you were there the first week I decided to challenge myself to 90 days of being on plan. You went away the first week and I was happy to say good bye yet now you're back.

Oh I admit I enabled your return. The logical brain knows you're just a number and with tracking and a good attitude you could be anhilated. The emotional brain seems to have a connection to you and keeps bringing you back. Emotional brain doesn't believe they deserve success.

You think you're not so bad as you're still 34 lbs from my original start weight but you must also remember you are the point where I've backslid before. Oh yes you thought I forgot. Logical brain never forgets.

Well the emotional brain has ruled for far too long and logical brain is ready and armed for a fight. You see logical brain is re-learning some lessons like reading Mindless Eating and re-reading The End to Emotional Eating. You see 170 this is war. Logical brain knows that by not following the plan I'm throwing away $15 a week for the WW meetings and just going through the motions. I can talk the talk but it's time to walk the walk. I went today and though the topics have been heard before it's a good reminder and the better part is seeing the success of others. In fact today a woman celebrated 75lbs loss.

Plus my dear 170 you know how I like trinkets and stickers. I want another 25lbs medallion on my WW key chain and you will not stop me. I want more 5lb stickers. I will rock a bikini in Vegas next June. I will finally be able to be the fashionista I am in my head. More importanly 170 I'll be healthy and strong. Oh I still very much want that Tiffany Key I promised myself when I hit goal.

After weigh in I went to the grocery store and armed myself with healthy food and snacks. I know deprivation is not the answer but accountability is. You see 170 I will no longer be ruled or controlled by food.

I'm breaking up with you 170. This is on like Donkey Kong.

See ya.

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Lucy K said...

Love it! I am breaking up with 168.8 and would like to fall in love with 128 by december or so!