Sunday, June 05, 2011

Day 16 - Week 3 begins with a pledge

Got a little messed up on my days as today is in fact Day 16 of my 90 day challenge.
Alright I'm technically two days into my Week 3 but all distractions are now gone.

Dad left about 15 min ago as he likes to head out early. Yesterday we planted, grocery shopped and when we got home from shopping my toilet handle broke. We had lunch at KFC which is tradition and then zipped up to Rona so I could buy a new handle. Dad had a nap and I installed the new handle. I think I suprised him by doing it all on my own.

He brought me a strawberry shortcake as my birthday cake which was nice and I had one piece with him yesterday and today that thing goes into the garbage. I sent him home with 3 bags of cat food plus two bags of treats for the wild/ partially domesticated cats who I call my siblings. Mom cat is gone but the two older boys (Fred and Spook) are still around plus the two newer additions (Dusty and Max). Yes I name them even though they couldn't care less well apart from Fred. He's the only who likes to be petted the others just tolerate you because they know you have accesss to the food.

We watched Vancouver beat the Bruins a few minutes into OT. All in all a pleasant visit.

I'll got out to his house for a week in August but after my 90 day (well technically 94 day) challenge is over.

The workout today will be outside me thinks. I have yet to take the gymboss outside and the weather while cloudy should be nice-ish today. I'll probably be back later to talk about that.

I leave you now with my as promised pledge ala #fitafterfitbloggin with a few modifications particular to me:

My #FitAfterFitbloggin Pledge:

I Cowgirl Warrior aka Sylvia do solemnly swear I have finally learned after 39 years I can not let my workouts plateau or emotional eating rule my life and expect to grow more healthy, fit and strong.

I recognize the importance of tracking, cross-training, of trying new things and of letting go of my vice-like grip on my self definition.

I will greet each day with a renewed commitment to my overall health & wellness and remember I am never as far away from my healthy living path as my

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