Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day 23 - Busy little bee

I was more on top of things today as opposed to other Sundays.
Laundry was done and put away in the morning, I made turkey meatloaf to take to work and I mowed the lawn all before 1pm. Next up is dishes and I'm done for the day.

I saw the parchment paper trick on an episode of Marilyn Denis. It made the bottom less soggy which can happen in a muffin tin. This is a classic WW recipe that I've had forever and can't remember the source.

OMG they smelled amazing while in the oven and I had two for lunch, plus one right when it came out of the oven to test it....yummy.

1 box Turkey Stuffing Mix
456g (1 package) of Extra lean ground turkey
3 egg whites
1 cup of water
1/2 cup of grated carrot
1/2 cup of chopped yellow pepper
1/2 cup of chopped red onion
Some garlic powder, some Chipotle Chile powder, salt and pepper

I love this recipe because you just pretty much toss everything in a bowl. The first 4 ingredients are the core recipe the rest I just added for fun. You can change up the seasoning or add different spices. Everytime I make it's slightly different.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30- 40min. They're 2 propoints each. I ran it through recipe builder so when I had two for lunch it rounded up to 5pts.

Yesterday was perfectly on plan and stuck to my 29 daily points. This morning the scale already showed 170 gone, however it's early days yet. I am a daily weigher as it helps me keep on track. I even have an app on my phone for that purpose plus you can kind of see I right in my tracker (picture below).

Today is on tap to be right on plan as well. It's so funny how sometimes it's so easy to blitz right past the daily points and rack them up and then other days you have to give it some thought to get them all in.

There have been times that I track everything and I'm at 29 and then I go a little overboard in the evening so I'm trying a different trick this week.

This is my tracker page from yesterday. The picture is a little blurry but Saturday is my meeting day hence the Starbucks breakfast.

I've said before I have a sticker thing. I have the smiley faces on my calendars (home, work, camp) for activity (today's activity was mowing the lawn for an hour), I've added a heart sticker for tracking as my goal is to track all 7 days this week. I'll take a picture of the calendar at the end of this week and post it.

I had another sheet that had all these sayings like "good job", "excellent" and so on. I use them in the tracker at the front next to the weigh ins. I'm trying to give myself positive affirmations everywhere I turn. Well last night I plunked one on my tracking page sort of as a stop marker to stop myself from eating anything else. Of course I could eat and not write it but that's what got me back to 170 and as I said yesterday it's on like Donkey Kong. I'll repeat this all this week and see how it goes.

On Friday my new toy arrived in the mail. So I've talked about my Kobo before and how I love this e-reader well when I heard a touch version was coming I couldn't resist.

On the left is the new Kobo Touch and on the right is the original. The screen size is identical but you can see that the Touch is smaller. It's also lighter. My one beef with the original Kobo is the button. It's especially a little painful when you're on the shop and trying to enter an author's name while navigating left and right to click on the letters. What I'm loving about the touch is you don't need to do that. Plus I enjoy the touch page flip.

I bought a book style cover for the Kobo Touch but I'm not loving it so next week if I hit a Chapters I might get a sleeve like I had for my other Kobo. Not sure what I'll do with the old Kobo just keep it as a spare for now. You can tell I have a thing for purple.

My challenge for this week is I fly home a day early and it's a later flight so not sure what will happen with a Wednesday workout perhaps get up early and hit the gym at camp but not sure if that's realistic as it will be a later day. Thursday is an all day offsite for team bonding in Calgary. I think we're going to the Cookbook Company for a cooking lesson that night. So Thursday's workout is also in the air probably a yoga dvd when I get home. My plan now is to be mindful and use some tools from Mindless Eating like eat 20% less of the plate.

I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday.


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