Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 28- How quickly things change

When I last wrote to you I was very encouraged by my successful day on plan and avoiding some familiar triggers.
Well now I'm holding on this week by the a thread.

Tuesday - the Fun 5K was a huge success. 100 people dead on the nose ran or walked. I sold a whack of 20/20 tickets and cheered them on. I did plan that day and grabbed a pb&j sandwich from the pack lunch kitchen to be dinner as it wouldn't be eating at my normal time. Well I didn't get back to till about 8pm and I was hungry so I whipped into the pack lunch kitchen for a snack and left with a cinnamon roll. Yeah not so successful. Yet it's all tracked.

Wednesday - Did fairly well there to but the bowl of Hershey Kisses on my desk turned on me that day. I had the points for them so not a total disaster but then when I got home at about 10 to 8pm and was hungry so noshed a little over my points.

Thursday - Team off site day. The day went well and I think everyone had fun. It was also a foodapalooza. I used the wrong strategy in the morning. I should have had breakfast at home but I knew they'd have breakfast there and it was a smallish group. Lunch was of course catered. Then the evening activity of cooking at the Cookbook Company was awesome but so much food. The Risotto Croquettes were awesome, as was the cheese plate they set out for us. The grilled veggies and arugala salad also awesome. The dressing they put on the arugala was spectacular as normally I think it's pretty bitter and don't really like it in my salads.

I was team Gnocci and they're suprisingly easy to make. The chef took care of the brown butter sauce with prosciutto and lemon. This dish actually started the meal.

Then the chicken breast (skin on and boned) stuffed with goat cheese and herbs. It looked good but I don't do bones. I had a bit to try it but my chicken looked a little pink and that threw me off.

Dessert was a tirimasu that involved the traditional lady fingers, mascarpone, whip cream but it had a twist chocolate raspberry brownie. Delicious but my favourite remains the traditional. I didn't track any of that as my points for the week are now in the stratosphere. I should have left all my WP for Thursday

Alas this morning I stood on the scale in my bathroom and 172 stared back at me. On Tuesday I was 167.8.

Today was all about damage control. I woke up and a huge glass of water and then waited till I was hungry for breakfast. I had oatmeal later as I wanted to go to the gym and needed sustenance. I walked to the gym and biked for 5min while I waited for a treadmill. When I got a treadmill I did my 2:1 interval of walk/run for 15 intervals. Sometimes I miss the expensive gym I went to before. The gym was warm and an alarm was going off at about the half way mark of my workout but there was no announcement and no one was moving. I just reminded myself you're only home for 3 days a week this gym is fine.

After the workout I went over to Safeway and got my groceries and then I walked home. All in it was 838 calories burned.

Came home and had a green monster along with 3 Ryvitta crisps. I had one with hummous, one with light onion and chive cream cheese and one plain.

Later as a snack I had Yoptimal strawberry yogurt.

For dinner I'm planning zucchini spaghetti with organic tomato sauce.

I'm keeping it fairly low points to compensate for yesterday.

So 6/7 days tracked for the week.

Bring on weigh in.

Hope you had a great last few days.


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