Friday, July 01, 2011

Day 42 - Happy Canada Day and Duh!!!!

Earlier in the week I tried to coordinate some after work drinks for today forgetting it was Canada Day. In my defense as I fly to work and back I don't get statutory holidays instead I get floater days. I can choose to use the floater day on the stat holiday or on another day. As the majority of the stat holidays fall on a Monday I'm quite used to working on those days.
Of course today is Friday and my regular day off so that messed me up. The after work drinks are now a Canada Day event starting at 4pm today.

You see I also had plans for the gym and weigh in today as I can't weigh in tomorrow as I must wait for Telus to come install Optik TV and internet.

This morning I got dressed and went to the was closed...of course and then it hit me the WW meeting will also be closed. At least Safeway and Walmart were open so I could get my grocery shopping done.

There are no meetings on Sundays in Calgary so I guess I'm hooped for this week.

It has been a very busy week as I've discovered a new activity...badminton. My co-worker S convinced me to hit some birdies on Tuesday night. I did tell them I must first do my walk/run but then practiced badminton for an hour.

I was then encouraged to come to the gym on Wednesday which is actually badminton night in our work gymnasium and that started at 8pm. Up till 8pm people can use the gym for whatever they want

Tuesday was actually floor hockey night.

Wednesday Badminton night brings out the serious people. I practiced with S from 6:20 to 8pm and then played 3 sets when the serious people came.

I haven't played badminton since I was a teenager. We had a set when I was little but that wasn't really playing the game it was more about how many times you could hit the birdie without knocking it into a neighbours yard. I played as part of gym class in junior high.

I started off super rusty but found that I picked it up really well. I'm going to buy a racquet this weekend. On Wednesday everyone had their own racquet and the ones we have provided are kind of crappy with the tape coming off.

Food wise this week has been a wee rought but as opposed to last week I've tracked everything. I stuck to the workout plan with the exception of yesterday. When we landed K and I went for dinner as we were both hungry and neither had groceries. So when I got home I went to bed.

Today turned into a walk to groceries and back as opposed to a day 3 run/walk. What I'm doing now is straightening up my house for the Telus people tomorrow and of course Calgary Transit will be running Sunday schedule today I need to go downtown to meet up with my friends.

I own nothing red to be wearing today so I'm going to swing by Roots beforehand and see if I can pick up a Canada t-shirt.

Sunday I will stick to the schedule and go to 1:30 - 1:30 intervals of walk/run.

I do hope all my Canadian friends enjoy their Canada Day. I'm a first generation Canadian and so proud to be Canadian. Go have fun!

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Enz said...

Happy Canada Day!
I love how you've embraced exercise and made it part of your life now....I hope to get their one day!