Monday, June 06, 2011

Day 17 - 2nd day of run/walk

Hello my friends,

Left the house in pouring rain this morning and landed in +20. I don't spend a whole lot of time outside at work. So the nice weather was a little lost on me.

Had a plan to take my lean cuisine lasagna lunch outside but it was too dusty. Oh well there's always tomorrow.

I came across a blog written by the CEO of Weight Watchers written by David

First of all it's really well written and he has an excellent sense of humor. He also has some good insight.

He's been talking about a book called "Mindless Eating" written by Brian Wansink. I decided to put it on my kobo and check it out. Not only is this book fascinating in terms of human behaviour but it's also funny. I was laughing out loud while waiting for the plane this morning. I'll write more when I finish it but so far I'd highly recommend it.

Tonight's workout was another walk/ jog. This time 57:44, 498 calories burned, HR 151-176, fat burn zone 4:36, fitness zone 53:08. It was just under 6 km not including the walk there and back from my room.

Tomorrow I'm taking a break from the cardio and do some yoga.

Now settling down to watch Extreme Make-over - weight loss edition

Hope your Monday went well!

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Dreaming of the New Me said...

I would love to try yoga one day. I hear they now have laughing yoga... now that is something I would love to try out.