Friday, June 10, 2011

Day 21 - Highly Ironic and pretty stupid

Last Friday on my birthday I went to the closest convenience store to get some half and half as my Dad was coming in the next day and that's what he likes in his coffee. As I was walking to where the cream is stored I was passing the freezers where a sign stopped me in my tracks. Haagen Daz - 2 for $10. Now in Canada $5 for Haagen Daz is a deal. Keep in mind I was a bit in the dumps about this birthday so I came home with two pints.
Last night I got home and I was tired still feeling a little blah so that was my dinner. I finished off the 3/4 of Cookie Dough Dynamo and the 1/4 of Caramel Vanilla Latte. Yup 1 pint of Ice Cream for dinner.

I do find it highly ironic that I'm reading a book about mindless eating and that's exactly what I did.

The whole week has been a little rough food wise. There have been good days and some so so days and then last night which to me would classify as a disaster.

However I might have lost the battle - I haven't lost the war. Today I'm super on track and went outside for the 4th workout of the week. I did attempt my walk/run but I wasn't feeling it at all.

All morning I felt a tension headache coming on but I was hoping it would just go away. I had planned to mow the lawn today and at about 10am I heard a whole whack of noise out front. The city was delivering our black bins. I went outside and retrieved my bin and rolled into the backyard only to discover it doesn't not fit through the gate. When I got the blue recycle bin it barely fit through the back gate. I had to roll the thing back to the front and down the block so I could go down the alley and put it next to my blue bin. Thankfully I only live 4 houses down from the entrance to the alley. By the time that was done I was now into full blown tension headache. I took some advil, put on a sleep mask and went back to bed.

I felt more human later on still feeling a tinge in my left shoulder ( I carry all my stress in my upper back). Had some lunch and then headed outside for the workout. I decided the lawn could wait. There are thunder showers forecasted so I just kept one eye on the sky. I got through two intervals of 2:1 and I wasn't feeling it at all. I could still feel the tension in my shoulder and running mojo was just not there so I walked.

Heck I lost the first 20lbs pretty much just walking.

It was 46:48min, 5.3k around the neighbourhood. I burned 274 calories, at a pace of 8.5 to 5.56 and heart rate of 130-162.

The one thing I like better about my Polar FT7 monitor vs my Garmin is that at any time I can see calories burned on the Polar but not on the Garmin.

I'm committed to going to weigh in and getting back into a successful pattern. Sure I'm a bit disappointed that I've goofed off for 2 out of 3 weeks of my re-committment alas rome was not built in a day. For the rest of this journey there will be no skipping weigh ins on purpose. If there's a gain - suck it up and deal with it.

So in a few hours it will be food cut off and I'll return to my Saturday morning meeting tomorrow, then it will be off to the grocery store to make sure Saturday and Sunday continue on the good track plus get me into my work week on a positive note.

I hope you guys had a good last few days.


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